"Rushing Into Hell"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 31199.1640

The command staff of the USS ANUBIS held on to whatever they could as the ship plowed through the undetectable field of unseen explosives.

"The ablative armor is holding but I'm not putting any bets on how long that will last," the Chief Engineer said as she monitored the state of the defensive shield that stood between them and whatever had been out there. "At this rate the armor will fail in under two minutes."

"We might be able to add a few minutes to that by using a polarized energy field from our outer hull," the Chief Science Officer offered.  "It will not protect the hull but it may give the ablative armor a little more strength."

"Do whatever is needed," Shar'El bellowed as she held on to the nearest console, the latest set of explosions having rocked the entirety of the ANUBIS with unparalleled force.  "Any news from the BASTET?"

"They are still reporting explosions against their hull but nothing like what we are experiencing," the currently redhaired Sec/Tac officer reported.  "The best we can guess is that we are at the very least reducing their being a target in some way."

"Getting something new from the BASTET," Maya said from the science station where she had been sitting and holding on to.  "Lieutenant Mitshiba has a theory; that the explosive devices are too small to be normally detected by our tactical sensors."

"Miniature explosives?" Sonja gasped. "How truly diabolic, evil and underhanded. Why haven't I thought of that before?"

"Modifying our tactical sensors to detect smaller objects," Ya'Han said not waiting to be told to do so having figured that time had been against them since they had rushed into this hell of a situation. "Got something!"

"Tactical display on main view screen," the Captain ordered wanting to see just how bad their situation had been.

Within seconds the large screen at the front o the bridge showed the outlines of both the ANUBIS and BASTET as well as countless little specs scattered beyond the limits of the screen.

"Whoever put these things there was thorough," Eve noted with an unhappy sigh, the small dots identifying the likely explosives having been for more numerous than anyone could have imagined.

"What I find odd is that the density of those things doesn't seem to go down despite our plowing through them," the OPS officer pointed out, still holding on to his console with all available strength.

=/\= Doctor Doyanne to Bridge, not sure what you people are doing up there but we are getting a lot of casualty reports. Nothing fatal as of yet, but there are lots of broken bones and head trauma. We can't keep this up much longer down here. =/\= the CMO reported over the comm channel wanting to make sure that everyone knew of her dire situation.

"Are they self replicating?" the Captain asked wondering if the same general technology that had been used during the Dominion War had been used here.

"I really don't see how they would have been able to miniaturize a replicating unit to that level," Maya replied. "It is far more likely that there is some other sort of replication or creation device at work.

"Tactical, now that we can actually *see* these things, can we find a way to keep them off our armor?" Shar'El asked hoping that Ya'Han would be able to find something to help.  "Everyone else, look for whatever is out there making more of these miniature explosives."

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Janeel
Intel Liaison Officer / Mission Specialist

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer