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"Falsifying Facts to Fool a Felon"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130
Stardate: 30153.0835

The loud crash on the door had summoned both the Nylaan Sec/Tac and Hirogen hunter to stand at the ready, half expecting that they would be dealing with some sort of break-in. Ya'Han could only guess that whoever had been on the other side had been after her older sister or the terrorist being cared for by Doctor Doyanne.  As much as the woman with the red streaked black hair had not held Fenix in the highest regards, she had been ready to defend everyone in the room with her last breath. For her sister it had been a matter of protecting her so that she could be there to one day possibly forgive her younger sister for what had happened. For the Rutian it had been a matter of making sure he would be capable to stand trial for all of his crimes.

=/\= It's Jayson and he's being attacked by Pharren's bodyguards, =/\= Commander Shar'El said over the subdermal communication network informing those inside of the room as to what had been happening on the other side of the door.
"Drask must be looking for me," the Hirogen sighed heavily. "That man has absolutely no patience and those two Hupyrian goons are more than capable of pulverizing Jayson straight into the lower decks."

Ya'Han glanced quickly over her shoulder, not truly taking notice of Fenix and Lillie but rather looking only at her sister who had still been unconscious on the bed.  "I have a plan?" the Sec/Tac asked as she turned back to look at Uxtar. "Drask Pharren is looking for Ya'Jun and hired you to find her for him. What if you brought me to him instead? I might be able to convince him that I am Ya'Jun which will serve to save Jayson and keep that merchant and his bodyguards out of this room."

Uxtar grinned. The plan had initially been his but he had never been given the opportunity to present it to the Chief of Security. With the situation on the other side of the door, Ya'Han had come up with the same idea although for a different reason. Still, whatever the reasons might have been, the plan had been sound, at least as far as the hunter had been concerned.

"Let me do the talking first," Uxtar said with a nod of his head. There had been little time to work out the specifics of this plan leaving the two undercover officers to wing it as best as they could.  As the door opened the Hirogen took a solid hold of the back of Nylaan woman's neck and brought her out as if carrying a weightless prize.

"See," Drask said laughing, "I knew I could count on you to tell me where he was."

While still holding Ya'Han by the back of the neck, Uxtar glared down at Jayson. The trail of blood on the wall leading to a small pool on the floor and made it clear that the undercover Ensign would not have lasted much longer.

"Great," the Hirogen hissed at the beaten man. "You do realize that I am the one that will have to clean this mess after I am done here? Get your worthless primate hide back in the room and find a corner to cower in while you wait for me. If you are in any way lucky I will end your life before I skin you and pull your backbone out as trophies for my wall."

Using what little strength he had left, Jayson did has he had been instructed knowing that Uxtar had very likely saved his life. At the very least he had given him the opportunity to get out of the situation that he had somehow found himself in without resolving to more violence.  It was only when the door began to close and he looked back that the Ensign noticed who had been with the Hirogen and the shocking position in which she had been.

"So you did find her?" Drask asked, his voice seething with distress.

"Don't let her hair color fool you," Uxtar said in reply as he made it look like he had been applying a fair amount of force against the woman's neck to force her to change her hair color thus revealing her true heritage.

As Ya'Han's hair changed to display the purple color that the merchant had been so anxious to see, his green haired companion actually found it impossible to hide her own sadness. Even as the property of the Pythron man, Ye'Lan had still been very much conditioned to respect and even admire those of royal lineage.

"Your highness," Drask said as he offered a meek bow of his head in mock respect to the woman being held by the Hirogen. "Your father will be most pleased to have you return to him alive. Truth be told, he had not expected to see you back standing on your own two feet, but I am glad that the Hirogen found it within him to control his deadly hunting skills."

Ya'Han found it interesting that the merchant had not questioned her identity in the least nor had mentioned anything about her having been on her father's 'most wanted list'. Had it been so long since she had left that he had forgotten about her and had Ya'Jun lied about the High Sovereign's all consuming desire to seek revenge for what his youngest daughter had dare to do?

Some answers had been obtained, but this left the woman impersonating Ya'Jun with one crucial problem that they had omitted to consider. How would she be able to get out of this situation without risking injury to herself or Uxtar, and without having to forgo her freedom and likely her life by continuing to play the role of her older sister?

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer