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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck 23, Corridor
Stardate: 30153.0830

Jayson's thoughts had been lost in a haze of colliding memories and feelings. He could clearly remember the sweetness of her voice and the enchanting reflection in her eyes, but the OPS officer could not state with certainty if whether these things had belonged to Ya'Jun or Ya'Han.

With each wandering step that brought him closer to the room where the two women had been along with Doctor Doyanne, Jayson's hope for an answer grew. The confusion that he felt should have slowed his progress but instead it had made him walk that much faster. He wanted to know, he needed to know for which sister what he felt had been meant for.  Only then would he be able to at least try to understand if these thoughts had been his or forced upon him by some sort of female NYLAAN mind-trick.


The sweet delicate voice brought Jayson to a complete stop in mid stride, and as he looked up he half expected to see Ya'Jun standing in front of him. As the features of the woman began to register he wondered if it had not been Ya'Han who had spoken in such an enchanting way.  It took several seconds for the OPS officer to recognize the green haired woman and although she had been NYLAAN, the entertainer had not been either of the ladies he had expected or even hoped to see.

"I don't have time for you right now."

His tone had been cold and dismissive to the point of being rude. Jayson had not wanted to come across as such but his mind had not been in any way, shape or form ready to play diplomatic games with another NYLAAN woman, one who could not help him understand his feelings. In fact he suspected that should he give the green haired woman a chance, she would make things even more complicated for him. So for now it had been best for him to simply avoid dealing with her or anyone else for that matter.

"That's alright, it is not you that we have business with, but we are looking for someone that you seem to know. Your name came up when I asked questions about a certain Hirogen maintenance staff member. So why don't you save us all a great deal of trouble and time and just tell me where I can find him."

The Pythron merchant spoke without fear, confident that his two Hupyrian bodyguards would be more than able to handle the likes of a Human like Jayson.

For a split second the OPS officer wished that he had still been in possession of his subdermal communicator. At least that way he would have been able to relay to the others the fact that Drask Pharren had been on the prowl for Uxtar. As to how the merchant had made the connection between the two man, Jayson could not begin to understand his mind still far too lost in the issue that had brought him here in the first place.

"My patience is gone and I do not care about whatever arrangement you might have with him. My business with the Hirogen is of the utmost importance and right now you appear to be my best bet to finding him quickly."

He could hear the threatening tone in the merchant's voice which only served to increase the OPS officer's resolve to not help. Drask might have had business with Uxtar, but Jayson had business of his own to take care of, business that involved the two NYLAAN sisters.

"Have you tried looking for him in the lower decks? That is where the maintenance staff can usually be found when not up here with the passengers. It is also where garbage like you is disposed of, so don't let me keep you here, I am sure that there is a garbage shoot large enough for you and your oversized friends down there waiting for you."

Had he really said that? Had his mind been so turned up-side-down that he had forgotten who the merchant had been and why he had been onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS? Had Jayson truly expected that his overtly defiant words to be simply ignored?  The answer came in the form of two large Hupyrian fists finding their marks on his body, one connecting with his stomach hard enough to wind him, the other impacting against the side of his head sending him crashing into the nearest door. A door with the numerical identification of 23-130.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations