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We accept the love we think we deserve - Stephan Chbosky

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130
Stardate: 30152.0825

Working over the broken Nylaan sister had proven to be quite the challenge. Although her anatomy wasn't completely unknown, the wounds which she had endured made it difficult to find skin that wasn't bruised. The young doctor worked over her patient calmly, only speaking when requesting a tool or quick helpful hand from the Chief of Security standing anxiously beside her.

"Good news is that she'll live, the wounds may look bad but none of the broken bones seemed to have managed to puncture any arteries or organs. No internal bleeding that I've managed to uncover besides the obvious bruised tissue. She has a broken leg, jaw and arm. The bones in one of her hands on the opposite arm seem to have been shattered. She's exhausted, dehydrated and has lost a lot of blood. I'll do what I can with her from this room but the equipment on the ANUBIS would be helpful if I want to do some reconstruction work on her bones..." Lillie informed, her hands not stopping their seemingly endless investigation over the young woman's battered form

"She's not going to die?" Ya'Han asked, relief obvious in her tone

"Not under my watch she won't, but there's not much more I can do here without the proper equipment. I've used what we had available to do some quick fixes but to really help her we'd need to get Ya'Jun into the medical bay as soon as possible"

"Can I... stay here with her?" the raven haired woman requested, her color only recently returning to it's regular hue from that which the medical profession use

"The main threat is gone... I don't see why not but it's not my call to make" the Tarellian soothed, pulling back from the two Nylaan sisters

"Don't you have another to tend to now doctor?" Fenix called politely, grinning up the the Hirogen holding him prisoner against the far wall

Lillie was hesitant to reply, though her training and personal mantra deemed that he deserved all the medical care given to any other in his condition, it was difficult to imagine that this terrorist and the gentleman she had begun to admire were one in the same. Fighting conflicting emotions the Ensign turned to their Rutian guest and nodded to Uxtar to release him.

"Don't even think of doing anything you'll regret" the hunter warned in a low and menacing undertone "Lay a single finger on anyone in this room and I won't hesitate to put you down like you deserve"

After being pushed forward with a bit too much force, the bomber growled back at his more muscular captor before returning his attention to the blonde woman in front of him. Possibly his only chance at survival among the entire Starfleet squadron he had come to learn was aboard.

"Sit" Doctor Doyanne commanded, pulling a chair away from the desk in the opposite corner of her room. This way Fenix and Ya'Jun had as much possible distance between them as the small room allowed.

Taking a seat, the Rutian calmly and knowingly regarded his physician "Going to look me over are you?"

"As is my duty, not my pleasure" Lillie assured, taking the Rutian's hand into hers to quickly begin scanning up his arm

The terrorist had a surprising amount of damage done to his person considering how long he had been in the company of her fellow undercover officers. The medic was able to uncover at least a dozen bruises scattered along his body but mostly along his torso.

"Had a bit of 'fun' with my patient did you?" Lillie grumbled, looking back the the Hirogen accusingly

Uxtar raised his hands defensively "Aside from keeping him in line I never laid a hand on the man, though I would like to"

Ya'Han's shoulders stiffed as the doctor's gaze fell upon her. The coldness in the icy blue eyes of their medical professional was barely concealed and unexpected from the usually warmhearted woman.

"Causing pain for pleasure is not something you should take into yourself Ya'Han... not under any circumstances"

The words of the Tarellian cut deep, but her point had been made. Though she had been holding back a fair bit in regards to the man whom was initially responsible for her outburst, the Chief of Security felt a small pang of guilt at the harshness of her treatment. To say she was sorry she did it however was another issue entirely.

Returning to her work, the CMO began the necessary injections of hypospray when she was suddenly pulled down into the Rutian's arms. The Hirogen waiting patiently got his chance to flatten the man against the desk before his arms even made it fully around the doctor's slim figure, but not before his whispered words reached her ear.

"What did I tell you about touching her you piece of..." Uxtar began, fully intending to give the terrorist even more bruises than the ones he had entered with

"Don't!" Lillie insisted, placing herself between the hunter's imposing fist and her patient "You'll only be causing me more work... we'll restrain him to the chair for the time being"

Had the massive predator been anyone less trained the clenched knuckles would have flown directly into the doctor now blocking it's path. Luckily the angry Hirogen was able to withdraw his attack and assist in binding their captive. The entire thing lasted barely a few seconds, enough that had Ya'Han blinked she would have only witnessed the beginning and end result.

"I did what I needed to..." Fenix commented casually once his arms were bound behind him, making Uxtar quickly look towards the CMO standing behind him. Physically the doctor remained unharmed, but there was an unfocused, haunted look in her eyes that made the hunter question what exactly the terrorist had done to her.

Before any questions could be asked, the entire group heard the sounds of a struggle outside. Ya'Han and Uxtar acted immediately, moving from their positions to block a path into the room. Lillie remained unaware of the situation, standing beside Fenix dazed and confused when his next low whisper found her ears.

"You know it's true... do they?"

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher