"Fast Footed Friend"
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Stardate: 30153.0800

More and more passengers were coming out of their rooms to tackle the adventures of the new day, none of them aware in the slightest way of the crisis that had been averted.  The acting ExO / ILO had made sure to keep Ensign Stark well in view, anticipating that he might wish to return to the injured Nylaan's side. Whatever spell the older sister of the ANUBIS's Chief of Security had used, it had been one that had worked excessively well on Jayson.

"Hey," Sonja hissed as one of the passengers bumped into her, the aged man having been heading somewhere in a most single-minded way. "That figures," the redheaded engineer sighed to herself, "I save the whole bunch of them from becoming a part of an unexpected July 4th celebration and all I get is a shove and a grunt. At least a Klingon would have looked me in the eyes while he tried to push me into the wall."

"Would my offering you a 'thank you' on their behalf help make you feel better?" Maya asked, having witnessed the stated accomplishment first hand.

"You can keep your 'Bush-style' thank you to yourself," the engineer chuckled. "I have never been a big fan of political insincerity, and that regardless of what century or world it originated from."

"Still," Shar'El said with a smile as she turned to look at the hero of the hour, "your efforts and accomplishment should be acknowledged in some way. You saved the day back there, unfortunately in the line of work that we find ourselves in, open and public praises will never be offered. So look around and keep in mind that many of these people are alive and going about their usual business because of you and what you did."

As Sonja took in the words spoken by the acting ExO / ILO, her eyes fell onto a familiar form, one that made her stop dead in her tracks.  Luckily, the merchant known as Bruk had not taken notice of them, the Ferengi having instead set his gaze onto one of the many shapely passengers.

"Thank you Commander," the redheaded engineer half growled while still managing to have a faint smile on her lips. "I will try and do my best not to regret what I did."  As she looked ahead to the acting ExO / ILO, the CEO noted something, or more accurately she noted that something had been missing.  "Where's Jayson?"

Shar'El's head spun around in an attempt to locate the missing Ensign and when her search revealed nothing, the acting ExO / ILO turned back to look at the other two women.  "He was right there next to me. He could not have gone that far."

"Looks like our Operations Officer is a slippery fellow," Sonja said as she began to do a visual search of their surroundings. "Maybe he was a Democrat working under Clinton in a previous life.  Actually, my guess is that he *was* Clinton, which leaves only one guess as to where he is heading."

"We have to intercept him before he gets there," Maya noted as she began to head back toward the room where Doctor Doyanne, Ensign Uxtar, Ensign Ya'Han, her sister and the terrorist had been. "Who knows what he is capable of doing."

"Commander Shar'El to Ensign Uxtar," the acting ExO / ILO said, knowing that her subdermal communicator would pick up and retransmit her words.

=/\= Go ahead. =/\= the Hirogen replied.

"Just wanted to make sure you understood what is happening," the dark haired woman explained. "It looks like Ensign Stark may have doubled back and is heading back to the room."

=/\= No worries, =/\= Uxtar said almost laughing, =/\= He won't get far if he actually manages to get in. =/\=

=/\= Morningstar here. It would be in Ensign Stark's best interest if you found him before he reaches his destination. I do not to remind you about what would happen if he was to disobey a direct order. Do I Commander Shar'El? =/\=

"Not at all Sir," the acting ExO / ILO said as she shot a quick glance to he other two women next to her.  "We'll find Jayson before he does something that he will regret."

"I don't know," Sonja said with a hint of amusement despite the annoyance in her voice. "Might be fun to see him get his head scrambled from the outside in by Uxtar instead of having to deal with his brain having been scrambled by Ya'Jun."

With that idea in mind, the three women rushed back towards Room 23-130 while hoping that they would be able to catch Jayson before he could do something that the Captain would be forced to address officially and in he harshest possible manner.

Whatever the reason might have been for Jayson's actions, it had not been ample justification for him avoiding being made accountable for what he would do or be the cause of.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer