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Stardate: 30153.0655

She was as light as a feather in his arms, and her body appeared almost lifeless, the faint rising and falling of her chest as she breathed being the only indicator that the sister of the Chief of Security had still been alive.  Every so often the Hirogen would glance at the younger sister, amazed and concerned at the same time by what the woman had done. Uxtar had never thought of Ya’Han as being a weak or delicate woman, knowing that her training as a Starfleet officer would not have permitted it. That said, the hunter would never have expected the usually quiet 5’6” Ensign to be capable of unleashing such fury, especially against a member of her own family.

Uxtar had not needed to be a Counselor to know that there had been something at play here, something from the woman’s past that had led her to explode as she did. What the Hirogen found even more fascinating had been the now complete absence of the anger that had to have been at the core for the attack, in fact the hunter had noticed a hint of remorse in the woman each time her eyes ventured onto her sister.

As the group entered the room where Doctor Doyanne and Ensign Stark had been waiting for them, noted a distinct change in the air. As surprised as the blonde haired woman had been at seeing the state in which the Chief of Security’s older sister had been, Lillie had almost instantly shifted her attention onto the terrorist.  The opposite could have been said for the Ops officer who say his anger towards Fenix vanish the moment his eyes fell onto the motionless form of the injured woman.

“Uxtar, put her on the bed,” Commander Shar’El said as she turned to look at the somewhat mesmerized Doctor. “I believe that your patient will be ready for your care.”

Lillie seemed to hesitate for a moment before turning her attention onto the older sister of their Chief of Security.

As Shar’El turned to face Uxtar, the Hirogen simple grinned and took a solid hold of the terrorist’s shoulder.  “You have nothing to worry, he will not be going anywhere,” the hunter growled softly as if almost daring the man to try and escape.

“Will she be alright?” Jayson asked as he rushed to the Doctor’s side causing the younger sister to step in.

“You need to get out,” Ya’Han said having agreed with their CO’s idea to have the man anywhere else rather than in the same room as the woman who had him under such complete control not so very long ago.

“Doctor,” Shar’El continued. “I know that this may take some time, but I urge you to not waste any time. We still need to address the situation with Drask Pharren and will need Ya’Han and Uxtar to be there.”

“I will do my best,” the CMO acknowledged with a sigh, medical care never having been meant to be rushed, no matter the circumstances.  With the Chief of Security acting as a makeshift nurse, Ya’Jun’s injuries were being looked after while the terrorist fell under the watchful eye of the Hirogen leaving the First Officer and Operations Officer to make their way out of the room.

Without his being able to attend to Ya’Jun, Jayson found his attention go onto the man he held responsible for what had happened. Even if he had not been the one who had inflicted the injuries, the Operations officer had been more than ready to see him pay for what he had seen.  With one hand the Hirogen held the combative Ensign at bay while with the other the hunter insured that the terrorist would not move from the corner that he had been shoved into.

“Now is not the time or place my friend,” Uxtar said not wanting this to escalate into a situation where he would be forced to use a strength that would surely lead to more injuries.

“Uxtar is right Ensign,” Shar’El said in a commanding tone as she took a caring hold of the man’s shoulder. “We need to leave now and let Doctor Doyanne do what she needs to do.”

Reluctantly Jayson agreed but not before he curled his upper lip at the cornered terrorist showing that in any other circumstances he would have been made to pay dearly for what he had done.

“I do not believe your friend likes me,” Fenix said in a amused chuckle, the man having been well beyond the reaf for such simplistic threats and fears.

“Do not fool yourself,” Uxtar quietly growled back, “no one here *likes* you all that much and I would not hold any bets as to who will get to you first.”

Like water on a duck’s back the words of the Hirogen flowed off the terrorist as he watched with great interest the blonde haired physician work on the older sister with the younger one by her side.  As much as Uxtar might not have wanted to see it, Fenix suspected that there had been at least one person in the room partial in some way to him and his continued well-being.

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