"Fixing Faults"
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The best doctor gives the least medicines - Benjamin Franklin

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130
Stardate: 30152.0740

Continuing to keep a watchful eye on her fellow Ensign was a task that had become easier as his condition subsided. Jayson's eagerness to reach Ya'Jun's side was troubling, but also possibly useful if redirected. Holding the small communicator away from the Operations officer, Lillie tuned in to allow those on the other end to hear her.

"Uxtar, can you bring Ya'Jun and Fenix up for medical attention while the others dispose of the bomb?" the Tarellian inquired "I'll send Jayson down to help you ladies, he seems restless staying here and I'd prefer his continued avoidance of our other Nylaan woman for now..."

=^= I wanted to care for Ya'Jun personally if it's not a problem... =^= Ya'Han insisted, sounding to the blonde haired doctor as if there were an important reason behind her request.

"Very well... but at least send her up for some numbing agents, I'll keep her comfortable until you arrive to assist with her treatment" Doctor Doyanne compromised. It would be easier to re-locate and mend the young woman's bones with assistance anyway.

=^= Why do you need Fenix to come up there? =^= Sonja asked =^= This low-life isn't worth any of your time, much less your care =^=

Sighing deeply away from the communicator so only Ensign Stark could possibly hear, Lillie answered "Regardless of his actions I'm sure he was wounded at some point, if not by any fault of his own then most likely by one of you lovely women. A doctor's job is to heal the sick and injured despite their personal feelings towards them. Also it gives me something to do while the rest of you wrap things up in the bowels of the ship"

=^= I insist on remaining within the room with you as you treat your patients. This man is a slippery character and I don't like to think of what would be possible if her were to obtain the upper hand against you. =^= Uxtar requested, already moving down the hallway leading to the staircase that would deliver himself as well as his cargo to the higher floor on which the doctor awaited them.

=^= I want a report on the captives sustained injuries =^= Captain Morningstar agreed =^= As long as Stark is removed from the room while Ya'Jun is within =^=

"Well don't I feel trusted" Jayson muttered out of range from the communicator.

Placing her hand over the small device, the Tarellian reassured her companion as best she could "We trust you Jayson, it's merely a precaution. I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't blame you for anything you may have said or done while under her influence"

The unexpected, and in his opinion undeserved, empathy from the doctor managed to slightly lift the Operations officer's spirits. From what he had been told the blonde woman before him had been carried away in confinement in his arms while he was entranced, if it was possible for Lillie to forgive him then maybe the others would as well.

=^= We're on our way to your location Doctor, prepare your supplies. =^= Ya'Han reported, waving slightly to the others before forcing Fenix to his feet to follow after the hulking Hirogen and his charge.

Relieved, the CMO quickly began clearing space on her bed  for her anticipated patient as well as acquiring a sturdy chair on which to place their more conscious terrorist. Having become slightly enamored with the Rutian's charm herself, Lillie began to internally question his motives as she and Stark worked to gather the medical supplies they may require.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher