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"Friends, Family, Fears and Failures"
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Stardate: 30153.0730

A sigh of relief was shared by the undercover officers immediately following Sonja's announcement that the bomb had been disarmed. That they had been down in the lower decks or somewhere else on the ship had not mattered, everyone had been thrilled to hear the news. From having faced a possible catastrophic implementation of the Shadow Protocol, the situation had quickly changed to being completely under control.

The fear of seeing the MASQUERADE DREAMS reduced to a pile of floating debris had apparently brought out the best out of the undercover officers. Well, at least for some. As far as Ya'Han had been concerned the morning had been a difficult one leading her to realizing a great many things about herself and how the events that had taken place had changed her as a person.

Commander Shar'El had spoken only a few whispered words, but they had proven to have a profound impact on red-streaked black haired woman. What Sonja had said before that had also pointed out that something had changed about the Sec/Tac, a change that Ya'Han had never expected to happen or even dreamt had been in anyway needed.

Everything started when Fenix pointed out how she had always been under the influence and control of someone else. He had tapped into deep rooted anger and fears that had been made to be unleashed with a force beyond that of the Sec/Tac's imagination. That these dark emotions and feelings had been so easily made to target her older sister had made Ya'Han realise something that she had never known had even been there to start with.

What the Sec/Tac needed to do now was to understand what hap happened and how it would all come to affect her as a person. There had been a definite change in the way she say herself, no longer thinking of who she was in reference to whom she once had been. Whatever hold her father had on her, this despite her having run away from home so many years ago, had been severed thanks to Fenix's influence. That had been the one and only positive quality that Ya'Han had been willing to associate with the terrorist. The fact that this epiphany had nearly cost the life of her older sister had been something that she would never be able to forgive him for.

With that thought in mind, Ya'Han turned her attention back to the sister in question, her limp form still draped over the arms of the Hirogen who had been carrying her. Disbelief could be seen on the face of the Sec/Tac officer as she tried to understand how anyone could have show such hatred against another person. Even more troubling had been the fact that she had been the one who had brought her sister within inches of her life.  As skilled as Fenix had been with his words, the anger that had come out had been all hers and as much as the younger sister wanted to blame him for what had happened, she could not escape the truth. The way the older sister appeared now had been solely because of what she had done.

"Like it or not," Fenix said as he looked up from the floor on with he had been sent earlier on. "You and I are not as dissimilar as you would like to believe."

Ya'Han narrowed her eyes as she glared at the man, imagining how simple it would be for her to make him experience what he had made her do to her sister. The difference though being that she would not stop herself this time and make him feel the full extent of her skills and anger until he would welcome death with a smile.  Instead of advancing towards the terrorist though, the Sec/Tac looked up at her friends. Both Shar'El and Sonja seemed to understand what she had been feeling and offered simple smiles.

"Sorry to disappoint," Commander Shar'El said as she turned to look down at the beaten terrorist, "but you and her have nothing in common. Whatever game you were playing, whatever ideas you might have had, everything that you had come here to accomplish has failed."

"Yes, you failed," Ya'Han said as she moved to stand directly over the floored terrorist. "You failed to take me away from my friends. You failed to make me hurt what little family I had left. You failed to have my fears take control of me under the claim of my gaining my freedom. The best part is that you failed even more as a terrorist."

Enraged by the words spoken to him, Fenix jumped to his feet and lunged at the Sec/Tac who sent him crashing back to the floor with a simple defensive move. Various cheers came from those who had witnessed the scene making it perfectly clear to all, Ya'Han had not been one to be underestimated in her skills or independance.

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Hanali Han

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