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Stardate: 30153.0710

The red haired Chief Engineer had been working on disarming the bomb for a while now but to no avail. The device had been rigged like nothing Sonja had ever seen before and refused to speak to her in the mechanical language she had naturally learned over the years.

The Shillian cautiously pointed to one of several components, this one having begun to glow. Out of the few dozen similar parts, some would glow while others flashed, all seemingly without reason or pattern. As much as this had troubled the Chief Science Officer, Maya could only imagine as to how this had grown to be beyond annoying for the Chief Engineer.

"I can't even figure out what type of explosive device this is," Sonja sighed heavily while keeping her voice to be just barely louder than a whisper. "Heck, as far as I am concerned this thing could be nothing more than a toaster. A very annoying toaster that I am going to turn into scrap metal in about 3 seconds."

"So glad that you are here," Maya said, welcoming Uxtar,  Ya'Han and their two wards as they approached.

"Having problems disarming my little toy are you?" Fenix said, gloating to such an extent that Sonja glared over her shoulder at the pompous man.

"Toy?" Sonja exclaimed. "Why didn't I think of that, it's nothing more than a pathetic attempt to a science project from an inept five-years old," the redhead added in pure revelation before she dove back into her work. "Yup, nothing more than an annoying set of flashy lights."

"Figures that Starfleet would employ worthless women to be in key positions," Fenix offered far to sure of himself. "Then again they are expendable."

Without saying a word, the Chief of Security who had been keeping the man tightly in line unleashed a single quick punch to Fenix's kidneys sending him crashing to his knees.

"Nice shot," Sonja chimed half wishing that she had been the one to send the humanoid male crashing down. As she looked over her shoulder, the redhead grinned. "On your knees are ya? Dogs should always be brought to heel." The redhead chuckled before she paused for a moment as she noted something odd about the Chief of Security. "Whoa girlfriend nice hair. Love the red streak. Seems like our girl has made her feisty side visible for all to see," she continued in a clear tone of joyful approval.

Appearing a little confused, Ya'Han reached up for her hair to bring a strand into view. It was then that the Chief of Security realized that not all of her hair had returned to the commoner's black that she had expected to be there following the most recent events.

"No worries," Shar'El whispered as she leaned in a little closer to Ya'Han having reevaluated the need to address this matter at a later time. "It actually looks nice and suits you very well. Just goes to show them all that you are now your own person. In that small way you have gained your own independance and are happily showing it," the Ullian added, the memories of what had been said by Fenix and the uncertainties it had created in the Nylaan woman still all too fresh in her mind.  The two women shared a short gaze before the Commander leaned in even closer to whisper into the ear of the Chief of Security. "Nobody owns you, not even Starfleet. You are now more then ever your own person, a distinct individual as free from her past as you wish it."

Ya'Han grinned faintly, thanking Shar'El without words for what had been said. After a short moment, the eyes of the Chief of Security drifted back to the broken form of her sister who rested in the arms of the Hirogen hunter. The youngest sister could not escape the reality of what she had done while under the influence of the charismatic Fenix, but after all had been said and done, it had all been needed for her to realize her independance.

Today would be the last day that the youngest sister would ever acknowledge having been the thirteenth daughter of the high Sovereign of NYLA IV. Today, she would forever take ownership of being Ya'Han, a woman free to do as she wished, and at this time that decision made her to be a member of Starfleet as the Chief Security Officer of the USS ANUBIS.

As those thoughts came into focus, the Chief of Security stood a little taller with pride in that knowledge as her fingers ran through her single thick red-streaked black hair and her foot found once again the kidneys of the Rutian terrorist.

Everyone's attention suddenly shifted onto the redheaded Chief Engineering Officer as she exclaimed with unbridled joy; "GOT IT!"


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