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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130
Stardate: 30153.0700

With their subdermal communicators having been removed, Jayson and Lillie had been for all intents and purposes isolated from the rest of the group. The peace and quiet had been nice at first but it had soon become more than the OPS officer could handle.

Using the available public communication system of the MASQUERADE DREAMS, Ensign Stark was able to send a message, one that he knew the ANUBIS would not only intercept but also understand.  The text had been a simple wish from someone missing their home and wanting that there had been some way for them to at the very least hear from the rest of the family.  Seconds later a single communication device appeared on the night stand, one that had been set to receive and transmit should there be some need on the encrypted signal used by the rest of the undercover team.

"At least this way we will be able to listen in on what is going on."

Lillie words had barely made their way out of her mouth when the communicator activated to relay the conversation that had already been in progress.

=/\= We found both Ya'Han and Ya'Jun. =/\=

The announcement from Commander Shar'El had instantly sent the OPS officer cheering to his feet. The news had been great, but for a split second he could not pin down the exact reason for his rather emotional reaction. Had he been happy that Ya'Han had been found or had his reaction been due to whatever hold Ya'Jun still possessed on him.

=/\= Not sure what happened but Ya'Jun is going to need urgent medical assistance. =/\=

That statement erased whatever joy he might have felt and caused him to quickly turn to face Doctor Doyanne who had heard the same report but appeared unwilling to act.

"We have to go and help."

Jayson's hasty comment was countered by the calm and collected shake of the Doctor's head who had reached for the communicator and muted it by taking it firmly into her hand.

"We can't. First of all it is only because of you getting that communicator here that we even know about this. Second, we have been told to wait here while the others take care of the situation. Third and most important, we have no real idea as to where they are or what else is happening.  I know that you are worried for Ya'Jun, but we have to think very carefully about this before we go rushing in blindly.  Leaving this room without knowing everything could very well endanger everyone's lives. Is addressing Ya'Jun's injury truly worth the lives of everyone else, including Ya'Han's?"

Why had Lillie focused on Ya'Han over anyone else? More important had been why had the mention of the ship's Chief of Security been enough to make him forget about the enchantress that had so easily taken over his will not so long ago?

Doctor Doyanne stepped up to the OPS officer and placed a gentle, caring hand on his shoulder.

"I know that you are worried and want to do more than just waiting around, but for the time being it is the best way for us to help them; by staying out of their way until they call for our assistance."

A a long deep sigh Jayson agreed with the logic that he had been presented with. Whatever his feelings and wishes might have been, Doctor Doyanne had been right and he needed to control himself so as to not risk the lives of his shipmates.

Casting his gaze down on the Doctor's closed hand, he conveyed his wish for Lillie to allow them to continue listening on the ongoing situation. being herself curious, the request had not been long in waiting to be grated.

=/\= I won't be able to carry Ya'Jun. I think both of her legs are broken as well as one arm.  If you take care of her, I ill make sure that this sorry excuse of a life form gets where he needs to be. =/\=

Hearing Ya'Han say this sent Jayson into a state that Doctor Doyanne had been incapable of missing, or ignoring.

"You, SIT!  I am starting to think that being able to listen in on what is happening was not such a good idea."

To avoid doing or saying that he ha been sure to regret at some point, the OPS officer quickly sat on the nearby bed and sheepishly looked up at Doctor Doyanne. Whatever would happen next concerning them would be decided by her, a reality that he had been, strangely enough, happy with.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations