"Forget About Fighting Fair"
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Stardate: 30153.0700

The sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the small room well before the door that Uxtar had kicked clean off its hinges had reached the far wall. The Hirogen hunter had used all of his might to clear path and gain as much of an element of surprise as possible an in doing so had interrupted something unexpected.

Where Uxtar and Shar'El had expected to find surprise, they instead found anger. The man known as Fenix had visibly been ready to unleash a fate similar to the one that Ya'Jun had been dealt not so long ago, although by whom had still been unclear.  With little effort, Uxtar took hold of the man and pinned him against the nearest wall insuring that he would not go anywhere, allowing the dark haired Commander to address the bloody mess at the other end of the small room.

"We found both Ya'Han and Ya'Jun," Shar'El announced with joyous relief. "Not sure what happened but Ya'Jun is going to need urgent medical assistance."

=/\= Is the situation contained? =/\= the Captain asked, still very much bound by the requirements of the Shadow Protocol that he had initiated when the situation had gotten out of hand.

"This piece of turd is not going anywhere," Uxtar growled as he momentarily released Fenix only to slam him that much harder against the wall that he had been pressed against by the Hirogen.

=/\= Turd! Really? =/\= Sonja sighed, the engineer still busy with trying to figure out how to deal with the explosive device that had been found.

"With Fenix and Ya'Jun in custody, the situation is contained," the Shar'El confirmed, rather anxious to see the possible outcome of the Shadow Protocole being lifted.

=/\= Regroup with Lt. Paquette and Commander Maya, =/\= the Captain said, his tone having come across as colder than the acting ExO / ILO would have expected given the success of their endeavors.  =/\= Do whatever is required to have Mister Fenix assist in the disarming of the bomb. =/\=

The Rutian grinned at the thought of helping these people in undoing what he had worked so hard to accomplish.  Having noticed this, Uxtar leaned in and snarled in the captive man's face.  "What if he decides not to cooperate?"

=/\= You are authorized to use all available means to achieve your objective, =/\= Captain Morningstar said. =/\= If you cannot disarm the bomb, strap him to it. =/\=

"Is he kidding?" The Hirogen whispered to the black haired woman who had been trying to make sense of the scene involving the two NYLAAN sisters.

"Doubt it," Shar'El nodded as she glanced back to the Hirogen. "I can imagine that the official story would be made to be along the lines of the bomb exploded taking along the incompetent terrorist that had placed it there."

Having heard this, Fenix struggled in rage against the Hirogen's hold, but to no avail. Size along, Uxtar possessed the clear advantage, and once you took into account the hunter's strength and training, there had been no way for the Rutian to even come close to escaping.

"Are you alright?" Shar'El asked of the red haired Chief of Security, catching glimpses of memories that gave the acting ExO / ILO an uncomfortable idea of what had transpired before their sudden arrival.

"I will be," Ya'Han replied following several seconds of silence in which the woman considered the actions she had taken and the reasons that had triggered them.  "I'll take care of Ya'Jun."

"Are you certain?" the acting ExO / ILO asked, the last memory to have flashed in the woman's mind having made it perfectly clear that the blood on the hands of the Chief of Security had been that of her own sister.

"Yes," the woman said as her red hair began to change back to the usual black that her shipmates had grown used to seeing her with.  "She is my sister, and maybe the only family that I actually have left."

"That is not true," the dark haired woman said as reassuringly as possible. "You have now and will always have a family here with us. No matter what you may have done or thought of doing."

Ya'Han glanced over Shar'El's shoulder to see the hatred in Fenix's eyes, a hatred that she had been made to share in not so long ago, a hatred that had nearly claimed the life of her sister.  That hatred had touched her in a way that Ya'Han had never expected leaving her to deal with the aftermath of the actions she had taken while under its influence.

"Sonja, we're heading back to you," the acting ExO / ILO announced as Ya'Han moved passed the acting ExO / ILO to stand directly next to Uxtar.

"I won't be able to carry Ya'Jun," the younger sister explained. "I think both of her legs are broken as well as one arm.  If you take care of her, I ill make sure that this sorry excuse of a life form gets where he needs to be."

Uxtar glanced at Shar'El to make sure that the plan had the support of their acting ExO / ILO.  With a simple nod of her head, the plan was accepted and acted upon.

Although relatively short in distance, the journey to regroup with Commander Maya and Lt. Paquette had proven to be a long one filled with near perfect silence.  Anger and sadness could be seen trading places on the face of the Chief of Security as she made sure that the man responsible for what she had done to her sister stayed on track. On his end, Uxtar had remained silent despite his analysis of the physical damage of the woman currently in his arms.

Even as a Hirogen hunter it had been difficult for him to imagine anyone capable of inflicting so much pain on a single person, and Uxtar could not bring himself to accept the possibility that this had been Ya'Han's work. The Hirogen had not been ready to openly asked what had happened, and the Ullian had not been ready to reveal what she had seen through the most recent memories of their Chief of Security.

Maybe once they would return to the ANUBIS the situation could be more closely looked at, but for the moment the acting ExO / ILO thought it best to leave things alone. Dealing with the bomb had been their last obstacle before the crew as a whole could put the events that had transpired behind them once and for all.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer