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"Fiery Fury"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Unknown Location
Stardate: 30153.0655

Slowly the red haired Sec/Tac wiped the blood splatter from her cheek and lips. Ya'Jun had managed to put up a fight using whatever skills she had learned to earn her red hair, but those skills had been far from being a match for her Federation combat training.

Ya'Han's fiery hair had matched her emotions as she unleashed volley after volley against her sister, all under the continued encouragement of the one and only witness to the scene. There had been something in Fenix's voice that the exiled daughter of the High Sovereign had recognized, a lust for the pain that the undercover Sec/Tac had been inflicting on her sister.  No matter how hard the red haired woman would strike, the observer to the battle edged her on to hit harder.

"Please," Ya'Jun begged as she did her best to crawl away from her enraged sister who had remained perfectly silent throughout the beating handed by her own hands.  Looking down at her sister, Ya'Han could only guess as to how many bones had been broken, the sight of the misaligned limbs having been but a hint as to the extent of the damage that she had inflicted.

"You are almost there," Fenix said, his joyous voice having been an odd counter to the rage and sadness that had filled the room for the last several minutes.  "Give in to your anger, give in to your rage and let it flow freely. Your freedom, the one that you have been so desperately been searching for during all those years is finally within your grasp.  Kill your sister and take her place by my side as an equal. Her blood will forever severe the strings from your past insuring that no one will ever be able to get to you."

With a vision as red as her own hair had become, Ya'Han reached for her sister's throat and brought her up against the nearest wall. In her beaten state, the older sister had been unable to offer any sort of resistance, only one hand having been capable to be raised to weakly hold on to the younger sister's wrist.

"Please," Ya'Jun repeated, fear so easily identified in her eyes slightly hidden beneath a veil of purple. Had she been scared of death, of how her sister would bring an end to her life or had the twelfth daughter of the High Sovereign been afraid of something else?

The Caitian engineer had been on board this ship trying to protect her. The Pythron merchant had been here trying to capture her. Obviously there had been some sort of interest in the older sister, interest that the younger sister had long ago distanced herself from by escaping into Federation space and joining Starfleet.

"There is no need to hesitate," Fenix edged on with a voice that seemed to beg for blood to be spilled on a scale beyond what the red haired woman could conceive.  "Kill her and get it over with, your freedom from being a mindless puppet awaits."

Slowly, the hold on Ya'Jun's throat tightened as the two sisters gazed into each other's eyes. Years of shared memories flashed between them in silence until the body of the older sister fell limp as what little strength had been there vanished.  It was at that moment that Ya'Han realized what she had done, what Fenix had made her do.

With reflexes available only to the highly trained security personnel of Starfleet, the red haired woman reached for a loos pipe and hurled it towards the man who had been standing well out of range of the fight.  As the pipe flew through the air like a missile, the door to the room was forcefully kicked in intercepting the projectile as if fate itself had played a role in the event.

When Uxtar flew in, Fenix shot a glare at is new protege, questioning without words if she had been the cause of this or a victim as he was. Her reaction in the seconds that could follow would provide him with the answer he sought.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer