"Fighting Fair"
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Stop hating yourself for everything you are not. Start loving yourself for everything you are.
- Unknown

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130
Stardate: 30152.0645

Heaving with all her might, the blonde woman was able to hoist the Operations officer back onto the bed. Whilst still barely conscious the man had managed to throw himself from where Uxtar had placed him. The ghostly look in her crewmate's eyes was enough to make the doctor worry, but first something else needed to be tended to.

Lillie dragged her body over to the desk nearest the walls and opened a drawer. Fiddling around inside the Tarellian was able to grasp hold of a lifeline, the cure. Pushing back her long hair so that it fell over her opposite shoulder, the plague victim pressed the hypospray to the side of her throat and injected the serum into her veins.

The dizziness that followed forced the already kneeling Ensign to place her head on the floor in an attempt to not immediately eject the fowl concoction from her body. Blood pooled in the doctor's mouth as she waited for the cure to take effect. Slowly, the undercover officer's breathing slowed and her body returned to it's usual state of nullified health.

Thankful, Lillie turned her full attention to Jayson after having drank a glass of cool water to wash out her mouth "Ensign Stark? Are you conscious yet? Is there anything you need?"

"A new brain... one that isn't trying to escape my skull would be best" the Terran man groaned, having turned on his side during the doctor's treatment.

"Well, if you're healthy enough to make jokes I suppose you'll be okay to receive some medication for the dizziness. But I will need to re-treat the hormones Ya'Jun produced in your mind"

"We don't have the time... I need to find her. We need to stop them. What about the bomb?" Jayson panicked, attempting to push himself out of bed only to meet the gentle but firm hand of his overseeing doctor

"Jayson no. You won't be of much help to anyone in the state you're in, and frankly neither would I. Our best bet is to wait on our colleges and be readily standing by for if they need our help. I'm going to prepare some minor things here to help anyone who may be injured and you can help me... how do you think it will be if you go back out there and Ya'Jun catches you?"

A sick feeling entered the very soul of the ANUBIS officer upon remembering the enchantresses control over him, as well as his own betrayal of the friend he had grown to respect and cherish during his time aboard the ship.

"Jayson? Stay here with me okay? I can give you some doses to fight against the pheromones and at the same time it will keep you away from her" Lillie reassured gently, already preparing a workspace in the case of anyone requiring her assistance.

Disheartened, the Operations officer laid back on the bed provided and worried, fear gripped him as he wondered how his crew would react to his revealing them. Would Starfleet see this as ample enough reason to pull him off the ANUBIS roster? Jayson begged the very stars that he could remain, having found one place in all the universe where he could heal.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher