"False or Forever Friends"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck 28, top of the stairs leading to Deck 29

Stardate: 30153.0630

The Acting ExO / ILO did her best to address the immediate needs of their Chief Medical Officer, but her attention kept returning to the bottom of the stairs where she hoped to see Uxtar and Jayson return safe and sound along with Ya'Han. With her subdermal communicator no longer operational, there had been no way for anyone to know what had been going on or even if the Chief of Security had still been alive.

The fact that both Lillie and Jayson had been found alive had raised the odds that Ya'Han would also be located in the same state. The difference in this case though had been that the Chief of Security possessed a link to the terrorists that no one else did. Being the sister of one of them would either grant the undercover officer complete immunity from harm or make her a target for immediate and unbridled retaliation.

All that Shar'El could do was to hope in silence and have confidence in the woman's ability to take care of herself by leaving behind the purple of her past and the black of her shame to instead embrace the red of her training.  Based on all that she knew, from memories extending to lives beyond her own, the acting ExO / ILO knew that this would prove easier said than done. 

When Lillie stirred, Shar'El quickly turned back to look at the woman with a mixture of guilt and gladness in her eyes as the CMO gradually regained consciousness. The secret that the Talerian had entrusted the acting ExO / ILO had been meant to seal their friendship, and the fact that she had been forced to reveal the woman's true origins weighed heavily on the First Officer's mind. The fact that Lillie had been there in front of her alive had filled the Commander with immeasurable joy, but that emotional had been insufficient to counter balance the guilt she felt at the betrayal of trust that had committed.

"You are safe," Shar'El said in a reassuring tone as she took hold of the Doctor's cold hand.

Lillie took a few seconds to gather her bearings, offering a gentle smile in reply to the statement that had been made to her.  After that the CMO realized that someone had been missing, namely the undercover officer with whom she had been held captive with.  "Where is Jayson? Is he alright?"

"He's fine," Shar'El said in the same reassuring tone.  "Uxtar is bringing him back as we speak."

"What about Fenix and Shea?" the woman with the golden hair asked, recalling the verbal exchange that the two pairs had shared with one another.

"No signs of them yet, but we are searching," the acting ExO / ILO said, keeping the details of the latest missing officers to herself for the time being.  For now, Lillie's attention needed to be on her own situation and no one else's.  "In the meantime you need to relax an rest."

"No time," the CMO said, her words filled with discomfort bordering on pain.  "I need to get back to the ANUBIS before it is too late."

Seconds passed in silence as Shar'El tried to figure out what to say. Under the guides of the Shadow Protocol, only the unit's CO had the authority to authorize someone to leave the quarantined zone, and somehow the acting ExO / ILO doubted that Captain Morningstar would be willing to allow Doctor Doyanne to return to the ship in her current state.

The sound of heavy footsteps drew the attention of both women onto the Hirogen as he made his way up the metallic stairs.  "We need to move," Uxtar said as he reached down and took hold of the CMO in one arm while still holding on to the Operations officer with the other leaving Shar'El to feel both useless and thankful.

"Uxtar is taking Jayson and Lillie to a safer location," the acting ExO / ILO said wanting to let everyone know of their current location and heading. "Sonja, Maya, if you need something just say so."

=/\= Some peace and quiet would be nice, thank you, =/\= the Engineer snapped back, her tone hinting that if she had been able to, the subdermal communication device would have been ripped from her neck a while ago.

With a motion of her hand Shar'El instructed Uxtar to go while she stayed behind, the reason for this having been multiple fold. One, she wanted to stay nearby enough to be able to quickly help the CEO and CSciO should they need anything, two, the acting ExO / ILO had hoped to find something to indicate the whereabouts of their missing Chief of Security and three, the dark haired woman thought it best if she stayed away from the golden haired Doctor for the moment, still having difficulties dealing with the betrayal of trust that she had willingly done under the excuse of wanting to find her.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer