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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Unknown Location
Stardate: 30153.0630

To say that she had a headache would have been a huge understatement for Ya'Han. The impact against the deck floor had caused the Sec/Tac to see stars, and not the ones that she enjoyed looking at at night or through one of the windows of the ANUBIS.  Slowly the black haired woman began to regain her wits, recalling with ease from where she laid on the floor the anger that she had seen on her older's sister's face seconds before being knocked out.

Four years at Starfleet Academy during which she had received special security training had not prepared the thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign for what her sister had done.  The truth was that although Ya'Han had seen the sphere long before it had been activated, there had been no way for the black haired woman to strike at her older sister as she would have needed to.  It may have been a long time since the two of them had seen each other, but the fact that they were sisters had still been very much present in the mind of the Sec/Tac officer.

"Well, well, well, look who is finally waking up. So much for that high and mighty Starfleet training that we heard so much about from those merchants visiting father," Ya'Jun said, her voice as cold as ice and as sharp as a thousand deadly blades.

"Why are you doing this?" Ya'Han said feeling a sharp pain on her neck where the subdermal communicator had been implanted before the start of their mission.

"Don't bother," the twelfth daughter hissed as she threw the communication device at her younger sister, the small communicator still stained with the woman's blood. "Your friends can't hear you. Unlike you, I learned to survive on my own and not depend on others.  Odd isn't it? As I recall it was you who was always saying that we needed to learn to get out of father's shadow and become women of our own.  Look at you now, you are a disgrace to our family. Exiled and powerless to take care of yourself, even from the likes of me."

"I am not the pawn I once was Ya'Jun," the purple haired woman said in return as she forced herself back onto her feet. "I held back because you are my sister, because I know that dead down you do not wish me harm just as much as I do not wish to harm you."

"You stopped being my sister the day you ran away like the ungrateful coward that you are," the older sister said, her own hair now matching that of the woman barely standing in front of her.  "You lost the right to dawn that color on that day," Ya'Jun added as she sent her opened hand flying through the air to land flat across the other woman's cheek.

The impact had been strong, far stronger than Ya'Han would have imagined it to be, and it sent her stumbling to the side for several steps before she managed to regain her balance.  As she glared back at her older sister, the Sec/Tac officer felt the warmth of her own blood caressing her lower lip before it dripped onto the floor at her feet.

"So we are no longer sisters?" the woman with the now black hair asked, her voice meek and laced with shame where one would have expected anger.

"You are nothing to me other than a reminder of the disappointment you caused our father and the pain you inflicted on all of us by your absence," the older sister hissed with even more anger than had been present in her words seconds before.

"Fine," Ya'Han spat as her hair changed to the fiery red of her world's military trained division. "If we are no longer sisters, there is no reason for me to hold back," the combat trained woman said as she leaped towards the surprised woman who had been given no time or opportunity to prepare for the counter attack.

Without the self-imposed limitations of facing her older sister, Ya'Han called upon all of the knowledge and practice she had accumulated throughout her Starfleet Academy combat training. Within mere seconds, Ya'Jun was made to see that the stories told by the merchants to their father had indeed not been exaggerated and that the once thirteen daughter of the High Sovereign had learned quite well to defend herself, even from the likes of a woman like her sister.

The battle ended just as quickly as it had begun, the final result seeing the red haired security trained Starfleet Officer standing tall over the floored purple haired twelfth daughter and former sister.  The few drops of blood that had fallen from Ya'Han's lips had been joined by countless others from the woman who now glared back with venomous rage at the woman she had severely underestimated.

"You can do whatever you want with me," Ya'Jun said as she spat blood toward the feet of the standing woman who had been nothing more than a stranger to the purple haired woman.  "Father will never accept you back, and if he did for some unfathomable reason, you would not live to see the day where you would actually get to stand before him and beg for forgiveness. Mother would make sure of that"

Although Ya'Han had been standing well over her sister, the last words spoken had hit a nerve, one that sent the black haired woman's spirit crashing to the floor to shatter in a thousand pieces.  Living with the hatred of her father, and even that of her sisters had been something that the thirteen daughter of the High Sovereign had accepted the day she had run away, but never had she believed that her mother would share in this hatred towards the youngest child who she had done so much to protect over the years while on NYLA IV.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer