"Fast Feet"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck 29, Aft Section
Stardate: 30153.0625

The Chief Science Officer followed the Hirogen as best she could, the hunter moving with an agility and speed that had been unexpected for someone of his imposing stature.  At over 2 meters tall, one would have expected the Hirogen to be clumsy and slow, but Uxtar had been neither moving through the unseen decks of the MASQUERADE DREAMS in a way that would have made many envious.

It was only when they were near their destination that Uxtar slowed down enough to allow the scientist to catch up. More than once the Chief Science Officer had thought of hanging her form to allow her to keep up with the focussed Hirogen. As a Gralo, a wolf-like creature native to her long lost homeworld, she would have been able to keep us with much grater ease. Of course the drawback of performing such a transformation would have been the simple fact that the Shillian would have been naked once she would return to her humanoid form.  Not knowing the exact state of the situation they would encounter once they would arrive had insured that she would not act on her thoughts, at least not unless some dire situation came to pass.

After having scanned the area for possible threats Uxtar cautiously made his way to the only form that he had seen, that of the Operations Officer who had been on the floor flat on his chest.  As the Hirogen stood tall above the man to insure that no unexpected surprises would com their way, the Shillian dropped to her knees and turned Ensign Stark onto his back after having visually inspected him for injuries.  In this new position the Chief Science Officer would be able to get a better sense of his condition and act accordingly. At first glance he had not appeared injured, aside from a nasty lump on his forehead and a glazed expression on his face.

"We have Stark," Uxtar announced for all to hear through the subdermal communication system. "No signs of Ya'Han."

=/\= Maya, can you handle bringing Stark back to the upper decks on your own? =/\= Captain Morningstar asked, but before the Shillian could offer any sort of reply the Commanding Officer continued and clarified his reasoning for the query.  =/\= Uxtar knows the layout of the MASQUERADE DREAMS as well as several of its key components. He will be of greater help to Sonja in dealing with the explosive device that was reported to us earlier. =/\=

=/\= As much as I appreciate the sentiment, =/\= the Chief Engineering Officer cut in with, =/\= I do not need a scaly giant looking over my shoulders. There is no need to have two of us in immediate danger when one is plenty.  Now if he wants to take my place, i will be happy to have him blow himself up instead of me. =/\=

The Shillian Scientist smiled for a brief moment as she imagined the face of the woman who had just said those words.  When it came to issues of Engineering, it had been best to leave the expert unhindered and to her own affairs, but still the situation as well as the Captain had called for no one to be alone while in he lower decks of the cruise ship.

Knowing that her words would be heard by all, the Chief Science Officer motioned for the Hirogen to come closer.  "Uxtar will carry Stark back while I make sure that all goes well."

=/\= With all due respect Commander, =/\= the Chief Engineering Officer continued. =/\= You are a lousy liar. Stay if you have to, just don't stand over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. =/\=

=/\= Fine, =/\= the Commanding Officer sighed. =/\= Uxtar, bring Jayson back up. Maya keep an eye on Sonja and help her in whatever way she wants, or doesn't want. =/\=

With an ease more then expected for someone of his size, Uxtar reached down and lifted without little effort the Chief of Operations.  After having received a confirmation nod from the Shilian Scientist, the Hirogen began his journey back to the higher decks leaving the Chief Science Officer behind to regroup with Lieutenant Paquette who had been diligently working on the latest bomb issue they all were faced with.

As quietly as she could the Shillian pressed on, doing her best not to have her approach disturb the working Engineer or alert anyone else who might have been in the area.  Since Lieutenant Paquette had made it very clear that she had not wanted anyone looking over her shoulders, the Chief Science Officer had thought it best to make sure that Sonja would remain unbothered by anyone or anything as she worked her magic on the explosive device.

From where the Scientist had stopped, she had been able to see a fairly large section of the area where Sonja had set up shop kneeling in front of what appeared to be a rather imposing crate. Although she could not make out what the Engineer had been saying, it had been clear that things had not been going as easily as one would have wished.

The sound of rapidly shuffling feet drew the attention of the Shillian away from the Chief Engineering Officer, but regardless of how hard she tried to identify the source of the sound, the Scientist could not find who or what had made the sound.  The absence of a visual cause had alas not removed the certainty that they two officers had no longer been alone in this section of the MASQUERADE DREAMS.

=/\= Commander Maya, =/\= the artificial life form currently in charge of the USS ANUBIS began. =/\= Sensors have picked up something moving very quickly in your general vicinity. I am unable to further identify the bio signature as they seem to know exactly where to be to avoid being fully detected. =/\=

=/\= Great, =/\= Sonja sighed in a whispered voice. =/\= From a scaly Hirogen to a shape shifting Shillian it seems that I now have to deal with overly zealous roddens who are trained to avoid being detected and want to join this party. Can this day truly get any better? =/\=

Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer


Captain Selene Fiona Iverson
Commanding Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)