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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck 29, Near the Aft Section
Stardate: 30153.0615

The way she moved Sonja could have been a member of the Security staff instead of an engineer. It had taken everything that the black haired Sec/Tac had to keep up with the redhead woman as she rushed down to the lower decks.  Once there the obstacle course started and Ya'Han came to further admire the CEO for her speed and skill.  When she had something on her mind, there had been no stopping her.

As strange as the redhead might have been from time to time with all of her weird alien references and foreign voices, when it came down to the wire the CEO had been all business.  If they were heading straight into the heart of this terrorist mess, Ya'Han had been happy to have Sonja there by her side. Whatever might happen, the Sec/Tac knew that they would find a way around it if not through it.

With a motion of her hand the redhead instructed the Sec/Tac officer who had been closely following to stop and duck behind one of the larger vertical pipes.  "S, Y, in position," the CEO whispered, the letters having referred to the two women standing by for the next step of the plan.

=/\= Lost sight of number three, =/\= Uxtar said with urgency. =/\= Do it now! =/\=

Out of reflex the two women placed their hands against their ears to ward off the effects of the hyper sonic blast. Truth be known, had either one of them been in range of the blast, the instinctual move would have proven useless.  After a few seconds Sonja and Ya'Han looked at each other and after having confirmed with a glance that the other had been fine, the two of them rose to their feet and rushed in.

Three undercover officers appeared from behind various conduits expecting to find three or maybe even four unconscious bodies, but it seemed that luck had not been on their side.  Only the forms of the two kidnapped officers were found right next to what appeared to be some sort of explosive device.

"We have to get them out of here," Sonja said as she pointed to Uxtar to grab the CMO leaving Ya'Han to take care of the OPS officer.  "Uxtar is bringing Doctor Doyanne and Ya'Han is going to bring Ensign Stark back. I'm staying behind to see what I can do about this bomb."

The black haired woman stared at her friend and shipmate for several seconds debating the best way to get the CEO to not try and disarm the bomb. In the end though, Ya'Han recognized the look in Sonja's eyes, a look that left no room for debate or argument. The redhead had made up her mind and there had been nothing anyone could say that would change it.

With that understanding in mind, Ya'Han turned to picked up Jayson as best she could while Uxtar easily carried the limp form of their CMO. It had taken everything the Sec/Tac had to keep up with the CEO on their way here, but now that she had been carrying someone, the black haired woman had found it impossible to match the Hirogen's pace.  The best she could do was to try and stay in his wake and put as much distance between them and the bomb.

As she pressed on, Ya'Han felt something catch the fabric of her shirt. At first the Sec/Tac had believed it to be some piece of metal that she had missed but the way that it had been tugging indicated that it had been something completely different that had stopped her.  As she turned to see what had caught her this way, the thirteen daughter of the High Sovereign was shocked to see her older sister standing there with a look of anger about her.

"Starfleet!" Ya'Jun hissed. "Not only did you abandon your family but you joined Starfleet?"

Before Ya'Han could say anything in reply, the rapidly moving hand of her older sister found its mark squarely against the Sec/Tac's cheek. The strength of the blow had been enough to force the black haired woman to stubble to the side for a couple of steps.

"I did what I had to," Ya'Han said in a pleading way, hoping to avoid another strike from her sister, one that she would have no other choice but to stop and counter as per her training.

=/\= Had to do what? =/\= the Captain asked, unaware of what had taken place.

Ya'Han ignored the question as the two sisters gazed into each other's eyes as if trying to figure out what the other would do next.  Within a heartbeat, Ya'Jun produced a small sphere and presented it to her sister. Before the Sec/Tac could ask or even wonder what the item had been, a bright flash of light blinded her.

Unable to see anything, Ya'Han felt her strength slip away causing her to drop the unconscious form of the OPS officer.  The loud thud that Jayson made when he landed would have normally caused the Sec/Tac to react and reach for him, but instead the black haired woman found herself losing her balance.

The last thing she remembered was the sensation of the hard floor impacting against the side of her head.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer