"Feeble Follower"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Unknown Location
Stardate: 30152.0545

He followed the sound of her voice as if his life depended in it, the limp form of the unconscious CMO in his arms barely registering in his mind. As an Intel trained officer he knew to keep track of each and every detail that passed by him, to help guide his escape out or a possible rescue in. Under the spell of the Nylaan enchantress though, Jayson had been unable to focus on anything but the woman walking ahead of him.  Where she went, he followed, obediently and without hesitation.


The command had been simple and instantly obeyed. Had he been able to, he would have stopped in mid stride and kept his right leg off the ground, but the form of the blonde haired Doctor weighing in his arms had made that impossible.


Another simple command, one that he had been more than happy to obey. To please her had been is one and only wish, and in order to accomplish this he would gladly do whatever she demanded of him. He scanned his surroundings in a sudden panic having lost track of the woman who commanded his body and mind. How could he have lost her like this? Had she not been the most important thing to him? So why had he looked away? Why had he looked down on he woman in his arms instead of keeping his fullest attention on the only person that mattered to him?

The question repeated in his head over and over again until he looked down once more at the blonde haired woman in his arms. There had been something familiar about her, something that drew him to look closer in an effort to remember what she meant to him. Had she been a friend, a member of his family or had she been something else, something more?

Disconnected images forced their way into his mind making him relive events that he knew while yet could not properly remember. Something in his mind stood in the way of his remembering the woman in his arms and what she meant to him. Had she not been unconscious she might have been able to help him make sense of all this, to help him figure out who she was and why she seemed to be of importance to him.


His enchantress had returned and the smile that appeared on his face showed to the whole universe how pleased he had been. Not only had she come back, but she had done so to give him a way to please her in some way.  Immediately his feet resumed their previous task of carrying the men and his cargo forward so that he could follow the woman that meant everything to him.

Step after step his joy grew in the knowledge that he had been doing what she wanted. To obey her every desires had been his one and only goal, so why had his eyes once again fallen back onto the blonde haired woman in his arms?

As he gazed down, his attention to he task of pleasing his mistress wavered slowing his steps. At first this had not been overly noticeable, but with each half step taken the distance between him and the enchantress grew until she took note of the growing space between them.

"What are you doing? Follow me!"

The voice and the command it carried felt as if they had reached into his very soul. His questions shattered into a million pieces as the earlier focus took hold once more. The woman with the black hair had been everything to him and his obeying her all that mattered.  With a single word from her lips he would die or even kill, so following her as she had ordered him to had been a simple task.

Wherever she commanded he would follow. Whatever she wished he would do. The identity and importance of the woman in his arms did not matter, his will and thoughts belonging to the enchantress with the voice he could not ignore.  Maybe one day his questions would be answered, but for now only his obedience to his mistress mattered.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations