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"Feisty Females Form Forever Friendships"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-155 (Sonja)
Stardate: 30153.0345

Sonja and Ya'Han had continued their early morning chat, each sitting crossed legged on the bed facing one another and sharing bits of their past.  Neither had expected to reveal what they had but still the conversation went on without any indication of ending any time soon.

It was true that the sharing had not been perfectly equal, but the black haired woman did not seem to mind this imbalance all that much.  As far as she had been concerned, it had been nice to be able to open up to someone about a past that at times she had done her best to forget.

Each held a glass of water in their hands as they spoke and listened, the clear liquid offering an occasional break as well as the means to stay hydrated.  One could end up with a rather dry throat after having talked about so many past events.

As luxurious as the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been, the passenger rooms had been designed with only the most basic comforts. Guests were expected to enjoy the many activities and specialized rooms offered on the ship, returning to their rooms only to rest for the next day. Of course at this early hour of the day, many of these special areas had still been closed leaving the two women to find alternatives to take care of their most immediate need.

"ANI, send over a bowl of strawberries please," The redhead engineer said as she put the glass of water down on the side table and knowing that the Avatar had been listening in on their conversation.

"You are using her for room service?" the Sec/Tac gasped in amusement, certain that Captain Morningstar would not at all agree to the ANUBIS' resources being used in such a way.

"You have to learn to make the best of whatever advantage you have," Sonja grinned.  "You being the Chief of Security should know that better than anyone else."

A bowl of succulent red strawberries appeared directly between the two sitting women, the Avatar having complied with the request without as much as the slightest objection.

"Taking advantage of a position, a weakness or even of a gap in the defence of an opponent is not the same thing," Ya'Han said as she watched the engineer bring one of the fruits to her lips.  "This is an abuse of power."

"An abuse of power?" the redead repeated with her mouth nearly full after having taken a bite out of the juicy red fruit.  "How is this an abuse? I am the Chief Engineering Officer of the ANUBIS and as such it is my responsibility to insure that all of the systems are working to their best possible level."

A disapproving expression formed on the face of the black haired Chief of Security as a second bite made the strawberry vanish from between the engineer's fingers.

"Not only am I testing the replication system, but this also allowed me to confirm that the memory banks for the food patterns are working as they should.  The transporter system is also apparently working well as are the targeting scanners since the bowl landed perfectly between the two of us," Sonja explained with an air of pure joy about her.

"I doubt that the Captain would see it the same way as you are," Ya'Han said, not sure if she was courageous enough to try one of the fruits that her bestie seemed more than fond of.

"There is more," Sonja said almost laughing.  "This little exercise was also a way to check to make sure that the subdermal communication network with the ANUBIS was working and tat the privacy settings were operational.  Could also add that it was a way to see if ANI was listening and ready to react quickly in a time of need," the engineer continued as another strawberry was brought to her lips.

"Saving the mission one strawberry at a time are we?" the black haired woman chuckled.

"For all we know, any of the bad guys out there could be deathly allergic to strawberries," Sonja said as she popped the last bite into her mouth and watched as Ya'Han's hand pulled away from the bowl.  "You have to learn to live on the edge," the redhead added in a teasing manner.  "It would not be that much of a far fetched possibility that us having had strawberries could save our lives."

"Have you always been like this?" the Sec/Tac asked, never having expected anyone to be as Sonja was.

"Like what?" the engineer said adding a wink before pushing the bowl of strawberries closer to her roommate.  "Doing my best to enjoy life and making the best of every situation? You and I are not that different, you took a huge risk by leaving your world and family behind, and I like strawberries."

Ya'Han offered a weak smile before her eyes went down to the bowl now touching her legs. Slowly she reached for one of the smaller fruits and slowly, cautiously brought it to her lips.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer