"Flattened to Famished"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.0345

Falling back asleep had not been an option for him. His mind was filled with images, dreams and memories of Shae, and the problem was that he could not tell which were which.

Based on what Doctor Doyanne had said, the memories of his having dinner with her had been real. This left him to question how the images of his showing her the places from his past had come to be in his mind.  It had been only hours since he had met the woman, so of course it had been impossible for him to have done what he remembered, yet the images were so real. Where Shae had been concerned, reality and fantasy had not just collided but merged into a single thing that made little sense.

"Tell me what happend again."

Jayson spoke softly, almost as if he had been on the edge of tears or insanity. Maybe even both.

Lillie had told the same story several times but she understood the man's need to hear it against. It gave him a solid starting point to make sense of the feelings he had for the woman and the returning images of her in his mind.

"You went on a date with a woman last night. You knew her as Shae and we now believe that she may actually be Ya'Jun, Ya'Han's older sister.  Based on everything that we have seen, both during your dinner and after you were brought here, it seems that she managed to put you under some sort of psycho-emotional control. While under the influence of her 'spell', your inhibitions were reduced to nil, leaving you to answer any and every question she asked you.  Uxtar and several others were forced to intervene before you revealed everything about the ANUBIS and its crew."

His hand began to shake once again as he heard the story once more. Had he truly been so close to betray his shipmates? How could he ever hope to make it up to them after this?  Whatever powers that woman had may have caused him to be that way, but to the OPS officer, that had not been an acceptable excuse for what he had almost done.

"Thank you Doctor.  I guess I owe everyone an apology for what happened and a special thanks to Uxtar for having done what he did, even if it meant trying to turn me into a living pancake."

"You have nothing to apologise for. There was no way for you to know who she truly was or what kind of abilities she possessed.  You did what you could and the others did the exact same.  That is what being part of a crew like that of the ANUBIS is all about. Dealing with the unknown and unexpected as best we each can."

Jayson gave the CMO a half smile. She had been perfectly right, had he been alone, all of the secrets he knew would have been spilled without a second thought. If was because they had all been here together that this catastrophe had been avoided.  After taking a long deep breath, he stood from the bed where he had been sitting on and went to the closet to fetch a fresh set of clothes.

"Going somewhere?" Doctor Doyanne asked, instinctively reaching for the hypospray once again. The answer she would get would determine if the man would be allowed to remain on his feet or forced back into a world of sleep.

"No worries Doctor, I am not going to be searching for her.  Whatever she hit me with did a number on my brain and stomach.  You helped get my noodles back now I have to take care of my other problem.  I just hope that the cafeteria will be open at this hour because I am famished."

"I hope you won't mind if I go with you?"

Jayson had been ready to snap at the Doctor accusing her not not trusting him, but he quickly held back.  That response had not been his, but something that had come from whatever had been left over fro his dinner with Shae.  That alone had been enough to convince him that the last thing he needed was to be left alone.

"I would be honored if you came with me and kept me from making more of a fool than I have already been."

"No worries Jayson. I'll make sure that nothing bad happens."

The Doctor waited for the OPS officer to turn his back to her before she slipped the hypospray into her pocket.  Unlike Uxtar, she lacked the size and strength to physically restrain him, but equipped as she was, she would be able to handle whatever situation might arise.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations