"Fighting Failures from Former Flashbacks"
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Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose. C.S.Lewis

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30153.0305

Passing the tricorder over the unconscious Operations officer for yet another time, Lillie felt assured his condition had slowly been stabilizing. The pheromones had a strong hold over the young man, one that he would hopefully overcome with time. As her fellow officer stirred once again from his induced slumber, his ever vigilant doctor clasped another hypospray firmly in her grasp.

"Jayson... do you know where you are?"

"I'd have a better idea if you delightful women would stop injecting cordrazine into my bloodstream..." the Operations officer groaned, still barely managing to control his urges but slowly overcoming them "What happened...?"

"Well... first off I never touched her. Last time you woke up you got very angry and assumed I had done something unthinkable to your dinner date..." Lillie reassured, keeping her hand firmly on the man's shoulder

"My date... where is she... why is she not here?" Jayson queered, his head throbbing painfully as he grasped the bed sheets in earnest

"She left after Uxtar flattened you... but the others, particularly our Sec/Tac officer may be able to tell you more..." the Tarellian mused, cautiously putting the hypospray down.

Though seemingly struggling, Lillie was confident enough in her counterpart to relinquish her hold over the only defense she had.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-098 (Fenix)
Stardate: 30153.0300

The Rutian despised failures, more so than he did almost anything else. Pacing in front of the raven-haired woman sitting on the edge of his couch the aggravated terrorist grumbled. Since the thwarted explosion, it seemed this group - which he supposed they were dealing with - had been determined to shove a very annoying wrench into his plots. This required Fenix to think up another strategy, having not fully lost the young doctor's confidence would help. Another coin in his pocket was the susceptible nature of the young man Ya'Jun previously attempted to seduce to their side. The mastermind could easily see both intruders being used in his future endeavors, yet somehow they had managed to contact one another before much was learnt.

"How did it happen?" Fenix asked again, venom not unlike his companions coloring his words.

"I already told you, I don't know what happened. He was telling me everything before the blonde one jumped in..." Ya'Jun assured, avoiding direct eye contact.

Hissing slightly the Rutian grabbed the young Nylaan's chin and forced her glittering eyes to meet his "Don't play with me girl. If it weren't for me your father would have found and retrieved you by now, his hounds are already sniffing about for you" a grin replaced the man's scowl as he spoke the next words "You wouldn't want me to turn you in would you? A pretty thing like you? Wouldn't the High Sovereign just LOVE to have not one but both his youngest daughters safely home?"

Feared and anger twisted inside the red-headed woman's chest as she stood up in what she hoped was a menacing way "I. Told. You. Everything. You will not dare touch her."

"Oh? I had assumed you hated the sister who abandoned you to your father's wrath"

"I... it's not that I... it's complicated..." the Nylaan stuttered, unable to find the words to describe the pain of betrayal she felt at the thought of her younger sister escaping without her.

"My dear, lovely Ya'Jun..." Fenix coaxed, drawing the woman into his arms "You know I would never betray you... I love you" the lie flowed from his tongue as it had many times before.

Her hair returning to it's original shade of midnight black, Ya'Jun sighed slightly still unsure of the truth in her counterparts declarations towards her "What do you want me to do...?"

Grinning, the false romantic pulled back from his initiated embrace "We need to change our tactics... they know you're here now, that much is obvious. We'll stick to the same targets but switch roles. The others will be expecting you to attempt another approach on Jayson so it is I who will lead him away while you find and lure Lillie to our rendezvous point. Avoid all contact with your sister do you understand? She must not see even the tails of your gorgeous hair flow around a distant corner. Best to avoid all the others as well, the red-head and giant staff member"

"Your little blonde already knows me, how will I convince her to follow me?" the royal-blooded woman muttered

"LURE her. Allow only that woman to see you and chase after you"

"We already established that they're using some form of unseen communication, how exactly will my sister and whomever else is with her not be made aware of my presence?"

"I have a few things stashed away for such emergencies..." the Rutian mused, now facing away from his companion "A few adjustments to our communicators should do the trick. Whatever they're using has to be transmitting a signal, your device will act as a sponge for the signals sent from or to that girl as long as you're within a certain proximity to her. I will use the same technology on myself"

The second youngest Nylaan princess watched as Fenix grabbed bits from other devices on his desk and began assembling the tools they'd need. Sadness came over Ya'Jun as she recalled a particular story the man before her had once indulged at a time of weakness "You are a brilliant mechanic... you could always return to your homeworld and assist in other ways..."

"You know very well, to my dismay, why I can't." Fenix hissed, attempting to ignore the young woman's probing suggestions.

"I'm just saying... you could build a life, have a family?"

"A family..." the Rutian chuckled darkly "As if I deserve such a thing..."

"Fenix..." Ya'Jun pleaded, reaching out only to have her hand smacked away.

"Don't patronize me woman. I lost whatever chance I had at normalcy when I helped detonate that bomb at the medical facility" sighing deeply the Rutian stood still as a statue reflecting on the day "Multiple bombs had been placed... one at each facility. It wasn't meant to kill... each one was designed to weaken the structure, to strike fear into the hearts of all within. Instead they all died, every last civilian within the walls on that godforsaken world"

"That wasn't your fault, you didn't know the mechanics had been tampered with"

"Silence girl. Go and freshen yourself up while I finish these, I want to hear no more of this"

Reluctantly the Nylaan woman did as she was told, only looking briefly back to the man she had once considered an inspiration to freedom.

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