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"First-Rate Friend and Faulty Family"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-155 (Sonja)
Stardate: 30153.0300

It had been strange for Ya'Han to be up so late talking to Sonja about anything and everything.  As the thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign, one would have assumed that woman now sitting on the bed had done something similar countless times before as a young girl with her sisters, but the truth had been far from it.

Following her nightmare, the purple haired woman had not been in a rush to go back to sleep, and the redhead who had come to her rescue and sat next to her had been more than happy to accommodate.  Captain Morningstar had instructed Sonja to stay by Ya'Han's side for the remainder of their mission on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS, but the Sec/Tac had hoped that their friendship as it had evolved would continue well after leaving the Risian cruise ship.

"So, you never had a crush on some poor curious boy who awkwardly looked at you with a smile?" Sonja asked, their conversation having made its way to earlier romantic involvements.

"I was not allowed to have such feelings for anyone, and being the daughter of the High Sovereign, no one dared to even glance in my direction in that manner. Doing so would, let's say, offer unpleasant health risks should they be caught, and my being under constant surveillance made that outcome a pretty sure bet," Ya'Han said in reply as she tried her best to hide the shame of her past.

"If you want real health risks, try dating an overly amorous Klingon," Sonja laughed out loud before noticing a distinct air of curiosity in the eyes of her purple haired roommate.  "Don't ask. That will have to be a story for another night, one that will require a large bowl of icecream and a lot of bloodwine." The two women looked at one another for a few seconds before the engineer continued. "Tell me more about your hair and the way you get it to change color," the redhead said trying to change the topic of discussion back on Ya'Han.

"Not a lot to say," Ya'Han said with a grin, having picked up on her roommate's tactic to change the subject of their conversation.  "It is something that my people have known since the early days of our history and something that until recently we never thought as being anything special."

"Let me guess, your view of your own race changed the day you first encountered the Ferengi Alliance," Sonja said, easily imagining how that first encounter would have gone.

"The fact that only women could change their hair color, and that it had been meant as a way to display their position in our society was something that the Ferengi who came to our world were very interested in," the purple haired woman confirmed.  "Needless to say that they were quickly drawn to whoever displayed the green hair of the entertainment field, and from there they worked their influence to my father."

"Yeah," the engineer sighed, "all about the best way to make a quick credit or two.  I am surprised that they didn't try to take them all off your world."

"They tried," Ya'Han chuckled. "For several years, no member of the entertainment field could display their color publicly, which only increased their value on our own world.  Father even went to forbid my sisters and I to ever use that color even if instructed to entertain a guest of his."

"Entertain?" the redhead asked with a raised eyebrow.  "Should I ask?"

"Dancing," the woman clarified as she stood from the bed and brought her now green hair to flow over her right shoulder.  "There are very specific moves and techniques that are used, each one meant to charm anyone watching.  Some of the moves are meant to please and relax, others to allure and excit." Without realizing it, Ya'Han had been performing those exactly moves as she described them to Sonja, causing the redhead be a little surprised by her own reaction.

"Add in that 'weirding voice' of yours and I can see it be very difficult to anyone to resist the women of your family," the engineer said which caused the woman who had been dancing to stop dead mid-move.  "Sorry, guess I said something wrong."

"No," Ya'Han quickly said adding a bright smile to reassure her friend.  "In a way I am glad that I never completed that training, it makes me just that much less a nameless daughter for my father to use as he wished."

"Still," Sonja continued with humor in her voice, "would have been nice for you to be able to teach me how to do that.  Imagine all of the fun things we could have asked poor Jayson to do without him ever being able to refuse us."

The two women laughed as they imagined for the nest hour or so one thing after another, each more amusing and humiliating as the previous. 

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