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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-031

Stardate: 30153.0300

The night had been a long one for many, the acting ExO / ILO not having been an exception to this. Luckily the members of the undercover team from the USS ANUBIS had been given back their privacy, the subdermal communication link they all shared having been suspended for the night.  In some way Shar'El had been pleased to not have to listen in on everyone else's conversations, but this silence had also caused her to feel alone which caused her to fall back onto her own thoughts and memories.

There had been no doubts that their Captain had been troubled by something. His staying in his room monitoring through the subdermal communication network the conversations and reports of the rest had been proof enough of this.  Knowing Erik as much as she did, which was sadly not as much as a First Officer should know their Commanding Officer, Shar'El knew that he had been a man of action, not one satisfied in simple observation.  Because of this, the acting ExO / ILO could do nothing more than guess as to the reason or reasons for his behavior.  That said Admiral Charles N. Koniki, and his reasons for having sent the team here without prior knowledge of the Hirogen Uxtar, had thus far ranked first on her list of probable causes for their CO's current mood..

The surprised and unexpected return of Ensign Doyanne, the reinstated Chief Medical Officer had also been one of those variables that the acting ExO / ILO considered as having been at play in Morningstar's isolation.  The general attitude of the rest of the crew had been one of pleasure and gratitude, but again there had been no doubts that Erik had not been as enthusiastic about the woman's return as many others.  Of course Shar'El had been one of the privileged few to know the truth behind the woman's Tarellian biology.

The situation involving their Chief of Security Ensign Ya'Han and her sister Ya'Jun had been a strange one to say the least. With Drask Pharren and his companion Ye'Lan on one side and the undercover team on the other, it had been a wonder that the older sister had not jumped into the nearest lifeboat to make a hasty retreat.  Of course this raised a simple question, one that had not been so easily answered; what or who had been behind Ya'Jun's presence on the MASQUERADE DREAMS?

Shar'El sighed as she closed her eyes and tried her best to clear her mind.  For a simple and relaxing intel gathering mission, this had become anything but.  The failed bombing attempt had only added another layer to this mission, one that had taken on a life of its own leaving the crew to be on constant vigilance unable to predict what would come next.

"ANI, are you awake?" the acting ExO / ILO asked, having wished to hear someone else's voice other than her own echoing through throughs and memories.

=/\= Of course Commander, =/\= the Avatar replied. =/\= Being an artificial being means that I do not require rest like yourself and most other Humanoids. How can I be of assistance? =/\=

Well, she had asked a stupid question, so it had been only fair that she had received a matching answer.  "Am I correct in guessing that you are keeping tabs on every member of the undercover team?"

=/\= Of course Commander, do you wish me to contact someone in particular, or maybe all of them? =/\=

Shar'El chuckled to herself. A 0300 wakeup call was sure to make her a very popular person, and not for any good reason.  "No ANI," the Acting ExO / ILO said to make sure that there would not be any misunderstandings.  "I was just wondering if you could tell me who is awake at this hour?"

=/\= Based on the vital signs and what I can hear from each member of the team, it would appear that Commander Maya, Lieutenant Paquette and Ensign Ya'Han are presently fully awake, =/\= the Avatar reported.

"Ya'Han and Sonja are probably chatting up a storm in some weird version of a slumber party while Maya, well Maya is Maya which means she's buried in some research with a PADD in each hand and a few more sitting in front of her," the Acting ExO / ILO said to herself not willing to interrupt any of them to satisfy her need for company.  "Don't bother them, I'll just head out and take a stroll around the ship.  Maybe the change of scenery will do me some good."

=/\= Very well Commander, =/\= ANI acknowledged.  =/\= I will be here should you require anything more. =/\=

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer