"A Fool and his Physician"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.2040

Most guys would have been thrilled to have two lovely ladies in their room at the same time. Then again, most guys were not under the influence of some space siren that had turned their mind into mush.

With each passing hour, the fog in his mind lifted a little more, but still the OPS officer had to focus to remember who the ladies next to him were. They were his shipmates, people on who he could could to take care of things, to take care of him. So why had he wanted to run away?

Each time the smiling face of Shae appeared in his mind he had to fight the urge to call out her name. Each time he remembered her angelic voice he had to dig his fingers deep into the bed to stop himself from bolting out of the room. He was ready to tear the ship apart with his bare hands to get to her, but somehow he managed to keep control. Barely.

"The neural inhibitors do not seem to be as effective as they should be."

The Scientist said, the readout on her tricorder confirming what she had observed from the man.

"If we increase their setting, we might cause him to go into a coma."

"Something is happening."

The Doctor quickly scanned the man and noticed an increased in heart rate and breathing. Brain activity had also show a drastic spike leaving the CMO with few options.

"Whatever that woman used on him is nasty. He's going through some sort of withdrawal which will very likely force him to seek her out.  At this rate, he will either rush out of here or suffer some sort of brain damage."

"What can we do?"

"The only thing we can."

The Doctor reached for a hypospray and applied it against the man's neck pushing the content into his bloodstream.  Within seconds Jayson was out cold.


Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.2330

With he patient unconscious there had been nothing for the Doctor and Scientist to do. Their research had required him to be awake, so Maya had returned to her quarters leaving Lillie to watch over her sleeping patient. While she waited for him to regain consciousness, the CMO reviewed the data that had been collected earlier.

His shifting on the bed drew the Doctor's attention on him. Long before he had opened his eyes, hers had been on him, his vital signs being monitored through the tricorder in her hand.

"How are you feeling?"

He blinked several times, finding it very difficult to focus on anything. The fog had still been there in his mind, but for now he did not feel the overwhelming need to run out to search for Shae.

"Tired, and I have a splitting headache."

"Do you remember what happened?"

The question had been meant to test his mind and memory.  It would also help the Doctor to gage the extent of the hold the woman had on him based on his most prominent memories.

"I was having dinner with Shae, then..."

The CMO sighed has his worlds just trailed into silence. The woman's hold on him had still been very much present, his first memory having been all of the proof she had needed to reach that conclusion.

"What else do you remember?"

"I don't remember.  There was some sort of conflict, a battle that I took part in. I had to protect her, to save her from... Uxtar."

Jayson sat up on the bed, fire in his eyes as he tried as best he could to put the disconnected pieces of his mind back into some sort of image that he could understand.

"Why did he want to hurt her?"

The Doctor sat next to him, her hands on his shoulders in the hopes that her presence would calm the agitated man.

"He was not there to hurt her, but to help us, to help you."

Jayson looked into the woman's eyes. At first he accepted what she had said, that the Hirogen had been there to help, but the more he looked at her, the more he remembered about the event.

"You were there. You tried to get me away from her. The battle with Uxtar was only because you failed. That's why you needed him to keep me away from her so that I could not protect her. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?"

Lille had hoped that the short sleep would have reduced the woman's hold on him, but it was easy to see that this had not been the case.  The hypospray that she had in her hand in case was quickly pressed against the closes patch of exposed skin. Seconds later Jayson fell back on the bed, once again asleep and free of the siren's control.

As soon as time permitted she would get in touch with Maya and see if maybe the scientist had discovered something that would help them get the OPS officer back as the person they all knew instead of this love struck fool that she had made him to be.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations