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"A Father's Fury"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-155 (Sonja)
Stardate: 30152.2300

After all that had happened, Sonja had thought it best for them to return to the safety of their room.  To avoid even more problems, the CEO had suggested that the two of them spend the night in her room, just in case something came up.

Still troubled by her run-in with her older sister, Ya'Han had not been in a state to argue with her bestie, so it was without any opposition that the Sec/Tac officer followed.

No a great deal had been said after their return. Sonja had suggested to Ya'Han to take a long hot shower to help her relax. This had left the redhead alone with her thoughts for a little while, allowing the CEO to try and figure out what exactly had happened.

After her shower, the black haired woman had headed straight to bed as per the insistence of her roommate, Sonja having volunteered to take the first watch.  The Chief of Security had been ready to argue the need of such precautions but in the end Ya'Han decided to just give in.

The glass of warm milk that the CEO had offered as a way to help her friend relax had been reluctantly accepted.  Had the black haired woman known of the presence of a sleeping agent in he drink, she would have more than likely refused it. By the time the drink had passed by the woman's lips though, it had been too late for Ya'Han to do anything other than fall asleep.

The sleeping agent had made it possible for the thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign to fall asleep despite her troubled thoughts; unfortunately it had been little to stop those same thoughts to follow her into her dreams. There Ya'Han came face-to-face with her sister Ya'Jun as she remembered her to be so many years ago.  The walls and floors of the palace appeared exactly as the inexperienced purple haired teen remembered them, her reflection in the numerous mirrors being that of a young woman who had long ago ceased to exist.

"Father want to speak to you," Ya'Jun said causing a shiver to pass through the sleeping woman's body.  Such a phrase had always been the sign of something unpleasant to come, something that although unknown everyone knew to fear, the daughters of the High Sovereign more than anyone else.

Fear instantly took hold of the purple haired teen who, out of a desire to protect herself began to run down the corridor, away from her sister.

"Ya'Han! Come back! You can't run away like that. Think of me."

Tears flowed down her cheeks as quickly as her feet ran beneath her.  The corridor went on for as far as the eyes could see, but still Ya'Han continued her mad dash, hoping to escape her father's wrath. Too many times had she been made to feel the extent of his anger for things that had not been her fault, but being the youngest had granted her to unenvious position of being the one to whom everything was blamed upon.

Finally a door came into view at the end of the corridor, a door that opened before she could reach it enveloping the purple haired teen in a bright white light.  When the light vanished, Ya'Han found herself standing next to her sisters facing the ruler of their world as well as their father. The rage in his eyes had not been something new, in fact it had been something that they all had seen far too many times.

"You," the High Sovereign said, his voice sounding like that of a demonic beast as he came to stand directly in front of his youngest daughter. "You betrayed your world, you betrayed your family, but worst of all is that you betrayed me."

His arm rose to extend high above the opposing shoulder, Ya'Han's eyes glued on the backhand that she would be made to feel once again with all of his strength and anger.  Just as the hand came down, the purple haired teen closed her eyes but instead of feeling the stinging strike of her father's fury, the thirteenth daughter instead heard her sister cry out in agony.

Ya'Han quickly opened her eyes to see Ya'Jun on the floor, cowering in fear, crying and begging for their father's mercy as he readied himself for another strike.  A thousand thoughts rushed into her mind, some belonging to a childhood ruled by fear, others by a world and training based on equality between people.  As the High Sovereign readied himself to strike again, the now grown up purple haired woman moved to stand between her father and sister, presenting the angered man an alternate target.

"If you have to strike someone, strike me!" Ya'Han screamed as the backhand came crashing down.  Instead of feeling the heat of the strike, the thirteenth daughter instead heard her sister cry out once again.  Enraged and confused, the now red haired Chief of Security faced her father in as much challenging manner as she could.  "I said *strike me!*."

"He can't," Ya'Jun said as her tears mixed with the blood that had been made to flow from the corner of her lips.  "You ran away, remember. You weren't there to challenge his anger, or to be the target of his fury."

"No!" Ya'Han pleaded as she turned to face her father once again; her own tears flowing caressing her cheeks.

The High Sovereign lifted his arm once again and send it down seconds later with even more force, passing through the purple haired woman as if she had not been there despite her efforts to stand in the way and protect her sister from their father's fury.


"WAKE UP Ya'Han, wake up!" Sonja said as she shook the sleeping woman who had been screaming in her sleep.

When she finally woke, Ya'Han shot up on the bed to see her friend sitting next to her.  Without saying anything, the purple haired woman simply took a solid hold of Sonja and hugged her as she sobbed and begged forgiveness in a whispered voice to her sister.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer