"Pheromones and Photons"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.2020

The Shillian Scientist had listened in on the development of the situation that took place in the Main Dining Room of the MASQUERADE DREAMS which had concluded with the Operations Officer and the Chief Medical Officer heading out together.  As much as she might have wanted to, there had been little the Chief Science Officer could have done to help them at that time.

With Ensign Stark now back in his room under the care and supervision of Doctor Doyanne though, the Shillian had found her opportunity to help in a way that she knew best.  Long before the scientist had stepped into the room, ideas and theories as to how the Operations Officer had been made to lose control to such an extent had been formulated.  All that remained had been for the Chief Science Officer to either prove or disprove these theories in the hopes that the process would be understood and possibly even countered.

"Will you stay still," Doctor Doyanne demanded of the Operations Officer as she rushed back t his side pushed with some force his shoulder back down on the bed, this after having opened the door for the Shilian Scientist.  "I have not yet cleared you, and until then you are to stay put."

"Is there a problem Doctor?" the Shillian asked, wondering if maybe there had been some need for the Scientist to use her rank as Lieutenant Commander to insure a higher level of cooperation from her patient.

"I do not believe so," the Chief Medical Officer sighed while glaring down at her patient. Pleasantries between he two women would have to wait for later, a detail that the Chief Medical Officer actually found pleasing, things having been as if she had never truly left.  "My guess is that he is still suffering for some after effects of whatever that woman used to get him to be so compliant during dinner."

"He may still be under the effects? Perfect," the Shillian said with far more enthusiasm than the Doctor could have ever expected to hear.  At least one person had appeared pleased, if not ecstatic, about the problems the Chief Medical Officer had been encountering in her efforts to treat Ensign Stark.

"The medical tricorder did not show any signs of foreign substance in his blood," Doctor Doyanne reported thinking it best to fully cooperate with the Shillian and her efforts to get to the bottom of this mystery.  "Whatever that woman used was not some of sort of drug, but there are clear signs of an altered brain chemistry which is what I am attributing his reluctance to cooperate with me."

"The eyes so seem to be somewhat dilated indicating some lingering neurological effect," the Chief Science Officer noted before she reached for her own tricorder to perform scans of her own.  "I am also reading elevated levels of testosterone in his system as well as a rather high level of activity in his hypothalamus which would easily confirm your hypothesis of a lingering effect to whatever that woman did to him. Unfortunately this still does not address the question of how this process what triggered and continued to be maintained at some lower level."

"If I did not know better I would say that she bewitched him," Doctor Doyanne sighed, wishing that there had been an easy solution at hand to restore the Operations Officer to his normal self.

"What many refer to as magic is nothing more than the application of a scientific process that is unknown to those people.  Imagine a race at the earlier stages of technological evolution seeing someone using a transporter or even a dermal regenerator. The only way they would be able to explain what they say to themselves would be through references to powers beyond their understanding.  The same way many races still believe in some sort of deity to prove an explanation for those things they either fear or lack the intellectual strength to comprehend.  This said, I am very certain that magic or anything the likes of which was not used in this matter, all we need to discover is what sort of physical and/or biological process was used to have the Ensign become so enamoured with the woman that he would reveal everything to her."

"I was not implying that actual magic had been used," Doctor Doyanne corrected with a sigh before quickly realizing that it had been best to continue with the research.  Trying to point out this difference between what had been meant and said by the Chief Medical Officer would have been nothing more than a waste of both her time and breath.  "I was going to test to see if I could find some sort of residual pheromone in his system."

"Pheromones? That is a brilliant idea Doctor," the Scientist admitted with unrestrained admiration as she leaned in closer to Ensign Stark and gazed deeply into his eyes which the Shillian had forced wide open using her fingers.  "Pheromones are a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by a great many mammals and insects to affect the behavior and physiology of others of their species. Some more potent types of pheromones have been known to cross the boundaries of species to have reduced, equal or even in some rare cases greater effects. In this particular case, the use of such a natural substance would go a long way to explain why Ensign Stark behaved as he did and why we are having such difficulty in identifying the chemicals in question."

"I agree that the analysis would be much faster if we were on the ANUBIS, but I suspect that Captain Morningstar would prefer if we all stayed here for the time being," Doctor Doyanne said, actually finding herself missing the equipment and general feel of the room and department that had been her home before her reassignment to NEW ALEXANDRIA.

"As much as I would appreciate having access to all of the analytical devices aboard the USS ANUBIS, I find this sort of field research to be very fascinating on its own, the challenges encountered and overcome only adding to the euphoria of the discovery.  Since no one is presently in any immediate or life-threatening danger, we can dedicate ourselves to the research at hand. That said, had we been on the ANUBIS we might have missed this; an odd hyper-stimulation of the optical serve which seems to hint that pheromones may not have been the only tool used by this woman in her gaining control of Ensign Stark.  I would theorise that she may have used some sort of hypnosis to keep his attention on her to insure that the pheromones would have enough time to work their way into his system.  Then again it could have been the other way around, the pheromones having been used to insure that his attention remained entirely on her so that her hypnotic abilities would break through any mental barrier the Ensign would have tried to raise in his defence," the Chief Science Officer said in a single breath, or at least that had sounded to the Doctor who simply shook her head in amused disbelief. 

"Maya," Doctor Doyanne chuckled under her breath, "I missed you."

So enthralled in her research had the Chief Science Officer been that she did not hear the last comment made by the Chief Medical Officer, a reaction from the Shillian that simply made the Doctor smile that much more.


Jessica Solarik

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