"Fast Finesse"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Main Dining Area
Stardate: 30152.1950

Shar'El could see that the officer had been angry at something, and the acting ExO / ILO had not needed to look too far to figure out what that thing had been.  From the point of view of the undercover team, Uxtar had intervened just in time to stop Jayson from doing something that the Operations officer would surely have come to regret at some later time.  From the point of view of everyone else on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS though, it had appeared as if a member of the maintenance staff had tackled to he ground one of the passengers.  To make matters even worse, it had appeared as if the Hirogen had done this for no apparent reason which had shocked and surprised a great many.  This had left the dark haired woman with the need to imagine a rapid explanation to address everything that had happened in view of so many.

"Explain yourself," the command level officer demanded of the imposing maintenance staff member. For those listening in, it had not been a far fetched idea that the Hirogen would be thrown into the nearest airlock and jettisoned into space, this likely after receiving a thorough dressing-down.

"If I may," Shar'El quickly interjected, making sure that she stood directly between the two men. As a passenger the acting ExO / ILO knew that she possessed some leverage and if used properly she hoped to be able to solve this matter in a way that would satisfy everyone.  "I would like to state for the record how delightfully pleased I am with this man's quick actions."

Although she would not have stated so openly, Shar'El was rather pleased when she noted shock and surprise flash over the officer's face.  Of all the things he had likely expected to hear about the Hirogen and what had taken place, a high praise had certainly not been on his lengthy list.

"The man that was on the floor was suffering from what I can only guess was some sort of involuntary convulsions, which caused him to flail around madly," the dark haired woman explained with exaggerated flamboyance.  "If it was not for the rapid intervention of this fine gentleman, I am sure that the man in question would have injured not only himself but other passengers as well.  I admit that I am no medical expert, but I have no doubts that had it not been for this fine member of your staff, things would have been much, much worse."

Disappointment engraved itself deeper onto the officer's face, the account of the event that had taken place obviously not having been what the man had expected or even hoped for.  As his narrowed eyes shifted to fall onto the Hirogen, Shar'El took the opportunity to scan the officer's memories hoping to find the reason or reasons for the very apparent dislike of the Hirogen.

Within seconds the Ullian discovered the source of the man's feelings, as unreasonable as it might have been.  Based simply on hearsay and accounts from strangers, the entire race to which Uxtar belonged to had been labeled as being mindless savages. What had further bothered this man had been the fact that a member of that race had, to his greatest dismay, been forced upon him as a member of crew.  As Shar'El pushed her memory scan of the officer deeper, she came across an unrelated event that she hoped would prove very useful in bringing this matter to a speedy and peaceful closure.

"I understand that appearances may have led you, as well as several others to believe that this was some sort of attack," the dark haired woman continued, the confidence in her voice having drawn the officer's gaze back onto her,  "but I assure you that this was not the case.  In fact I plan to contact the cruise line main office on RISA to inform them of the rapid injury-saving actions of this man.  If you would be so kind as to provide me with both his as well as your name, I will make sure to mention you both for your vigilance and quick response on this case."

The fact that his name had been mentioned on the case of a discontented passenger a month or so back, the officer had been more than happy to have something positive be mentioned on his behalf. Not living up to anyone's expectations when it came to relaxation and entertainment had been something that the government of RISA looked upon rather harshly.  Of course this simple fact had been a well known detail to the Starfleet officer and one that the Ullian had counted on after having scanned the man's memories.

Although not entirely pleased with the situation, the officer of the MASQUERADE DREAMS appeared willing to let the matter drop and allow everyone to return to whatever they had been doing beforehand.  As the crowd dispersed Shar'El scanned her surroundings and noted Sonja and Ya'Han by one of the entrances.  The Commander offered a gentle nod which was quickly returned by both women, confirming that the two of them had been well despite Ya'Jun having slipped past them.

With Doctor Doyanne handling Ensign Stark officially as a friend, the acting ExO / ILO had been left with the towering Hirogen.  Relief spread through the acting ExO / ILO as she noticed that he other passengers had decided that there had been nothing worth their continued attention.

"Thank you," the dark haired woman said with a deep nod of her head, keeping up with the story she had provided as well as offering genuine thanks to the hunter for his rapid intervention.  Now the next step had been to see if Ensign Stark had been alright after having fallen so completely for the charms of Ya'Jun and to gage the extent of the security breach.  Finding the sister of the Chief of Security would be a very close second objective should there be any concerns as what the Operations officer had revealed during his trans-like state.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer