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"Fractured Family"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Main Dining Area
Stardate: 30152.1945

"Ya'Jun..." the black haired undercover officer said, not sure if she had been thrilled or terrified to have run into her sister like this.  Since the discovery of the potential presence of her older sister aboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS, the Sec/Tac had been torn as to how best to go about ad feel the situation.

Ya'Han had not seen anyone from her family since the age of 14 following her running away from home to avoid her prearranged marriage to a Ferengi troll.  As much as some of her siblings had made her life difficult because of her unorthodox ideas and views of the world, the black haired woman had not been able to stop missing them all.  Afterall they were her family, no matter what had been said or done, and they remained so even after all those years.

On the other hand, Ya'Han feared running into her sister as it would confirm her presence on the cruise ship and possibly lead those working for their father to her.  This possibility, that of her father having sent someone to bring her back, had always been in the mind of the self exiled thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign. The difference in her case had been that as a member of Starfleet and as part of the ANUBIS' crew, the youngest daughter had found a certain immunity from her father's reach.  Ya'Jun on the other hand had not been so fortunate and could prove to be an easy prey for any hunter sent to bring the missing daughter back.

Time had come to a stop as the two sisters looked into each other's eyes, instinctively recognizing who the other was.  It had been easy to see that the older sister had undergone some sort of surgery to better hide her true identity, but Ya'Han still knew who she was and the expression in her sister's eyes indicated that Ya'Jun too knew who had appeared to stand in her way.

"You?" the older sister said, the single word having been filled with years of accumulated anger. Quickly Ya'Jun glanced over her shoulder to see Jayson still behind held by the Hirogen while more people gathered around to see what the commotion had been all about.  As her eyes went briefly to the man from RUTIA IV to catch his unpleased gaze, the woman understood that this had not been the time or place for a family reunion.

Without offering any explanation, Ya'Jun attempted to pass by her younger sister, pushing her to one side with her arm.  Instinctively the Chief of Security took hold of the woman arm to stop her escape, causing the older sister to shot a defiant glare back.  With a quick jerk the captive freed herself but her efforts to shove her sister away proved ineffective as the attack was diverted.

"Your combat skills have improved," Ya'Jun said, venom dripping from each and every word, "but now is not the time for us to see just how much you have learned."  Just as the older sister said this, she reached for the redhead who had been standing next to Ya'Han and pulled her on top of the younger sister sending them both to the floor providing the opportunity the older sister had needed for an escape.

As Sonja moved to regain her footing and composure. the two redheads looked into each other's eyes for a moment, both reflecting surprise although for completely different reasons.

"Your hair," the Chief Engineer whispered as she rose to her feet, the woman understanding that the shock of what had taken place had triggered a reaction beyond the control of the Chief of Security.

As Ya'Han focused on changing her hair back, she tried to see where her sister had gone to, but instead the Chief of Security saw no signs of woman who had vanished as if she had not been there to start with.

"Charming, isn't she," Sonja huffed as she offered a helping hand to the once again black haired Ya'Han who, for reasons easily understood, appeared confused and troubled by the way her sister acted towards her.

"Why was she so angry at me?" Ya'Han asked as she returned to her feet with the help of her mission bestie.

"I have the feeling that you will be able to ask her that question yourself soon," the engineer said with a sigh, "too soon for my own liking I would wager. In the meantime let's go check on Jayson.  I fear that Uxtar might have turned him into a mushy pancake."

With that the two women casually made their way into the main dining area, Ya'Han looking back at the exit used by her sister every so often.  The thoughts of the Chief of Security were lost on the unknown reason or reasons why her sister Ya'Jun would have displayed such anger towards her her.  Sadness took hold of her as the possibility of this anger being found throughout the extent of her family in her regards.  Almost a full decade could prove to be a very long time in which to hold such negative feelings for someone.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer