"From Fraught for Friends to Fearless Fiend Finder"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1930

With the information provided by Ensign Ya’Han, the Hirogen had a much clearer idea of the person he had been searching for on behalf of the merchant Drask Pharren. Although the lack of a physical description would make things much more difficult for the hunter, this detail had in no way diminished Uxtar’s drive. That he had been a Starfleet officer or not, his need to take part and successfully complete a hunt such as this one had been embedded in his genes.  For him not to hunt would have been like asking a Klingon to be a pacifist or a Vulcan to be overly emotional.

Not having in his possession a subdermal communicator, or any other means to directly get in touch with any of the undercover members of the ANUBIS, the Hirogen had been forced to handle the matter at hand on his own.  For some this might have been an issue or maybe even a problem, but for the hunter being along had not been something that he had been unaccustomed to.  In fact after having spent two whole years in the Delta Quadrant with no one but himself to rely upon, Uxtar had grown used to this type of situation.

Ya’Jun, older sister to the ANUBIS’ Chief of Security Ya’Han, twelfth daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV located deep inside Ferengi controlled space, had been a woman on the run for about seven months now.  With access to even the most basic of medical technology, the royal runaway could have very easily changed her appearance to avoid being recognized.  One thing that would be far more difficult to alter would have to be her mannerisms and her own personal demeanour.

Only the highest covert operations trained Intel agents could truly become a different person, taking on thoughts, ideas and gestures that had not been their own.  Although the odds had been there for Ya’Jun to be thus skilled, the Hirogen hunter doubted strongly that the woman would have been able to simply let go of the person she had been for countless years before.  Uxtar’s logic was further reinforced as he recalled the way the youngest sister had acted and reacted when interrogated by him. For four years Ya’Han had trained to become a Starfleet Officer and yet he could tell that there had been something about her past, about her upbringing that did not fit the person she now claimed to be.

This same discrepancy would be the key for Uxtar to identify his prey allowing him to find a single person trying her best to hide an ever shifting crowd.  Knowing the woman’s relative age, that of being slightly older than her sister, had permitted the hunter to easily dismiss a great many from his search. Through scent, the Hirogen could pierce the cloak of clothing, make-up and cosmetic surgery meant to make someone appear younger than they really were.

Still, with all of the information and skills at his disposal, the hunt would prove to still be a challenging one.  The layout of the MASQUERADE DREAMS and the constant moving of the passengers and crew would make it far more difficult for Uxtar to isolate certain elements from the general crowd so that only his prey would remain.  As strange as it sounded to him, the Hirogen would have to count on something that he himself did not believe in: luck.

=/\= Uxtar, this is the Delta shift supervisor. Please report to the Main Dining Area, someone reported an issue with one male designated bathroom. =/\=
The Hirogen sighed as he reached for the communication device that clearly identified him as a member of the maintenance staff of the Risian cruise liner.  His hunt would have to wait for the time being, his keeping up with the undercover role that he had been given had been essential to allow him free access to pretty much all areas of the MASQUERADE DREAMS.

“On my way,” the hunter offered sombrely, silently wondering if the shift supervisor had done it on purpose to send the Hirogen on all of the ‘dirtiest’ tasks he could find.  Whatever the reason or reasons had been behind his receiving these specific assignments, Uxtar accepted the responsibility as well as the opportunity to scan another area of the ship for his prey without drawing any unwanted suspicions from the guests and other members of the MASQUERADE DREAMS’ staff.

Mark Hutchings

Lieutenant JG Uxtar
Currently on an undercover mission
[Earth is the insane asylum for the universe.]