"From Fairest Female to Furtive Flair"

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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-089 (Ya'Han)

Stardate: 30152.1930

The Chief of Security and Chief Engineer looked at one another with puzzlement as they listened in on the conversation between Ensign Stark and his dinner date.  The way the Operations Officer had been revealing any and all aspects of his life as per his companion's request had proven to be humorous for the redhead and somewhat troubling to the black haired woman.

"Looks like Jayson is trying really hard to find a 'lady friend'," Sonja said jokingly, as she mimicked heaving into a bucket. "I will say this, he is going over the top.  Kind of laying it a little thick there."

"I really hope not," Ya'Han replied as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

"You're right," the redhead Engineer nodded. "Telling the new flame everything about his past relationship is a definite mood killer," Sonja continued before noticing a strange expression on her friend's face, one that the CEO could simply not ignore.  "Wait a minute, do you fancy him?" The redhead chuckled in a British accent as she attempted to wiggled her eyebrows, this having been the only reason she could image that would explain the look on Ya'Han's face.

"No!" the Chief of Security countered nearly instantly then paused, her thoughts having drifted into a world light years from the room in which they had been.  "I just don't think I could handle having him as a brother-in-law," Ya'Han added absentmindedly as if the admission had been just as much a surprise to her as anyone else.

"A WHAT?" Sonja gasped.  "Alright 'sista' park your keyster and start talking," the redhead ordered as she dragged the dark haired woman onto the couch before sitting right next to her.

"I can't," Ya'Han said hesitantly to the woman sitting next to her, actual fear having appeared in the young woman's eyes as she spoke.

"ANI, privacy mode for Ya'Han and myself," the Chief Engineer said, hoping that the isolation from the the rest of the crew would allow for the Chief of Security to being more forthcoming with the reasons that had triggered this.  At the same time, Sonja welcomed the absence of Ensign Stark's continued romantic efforts which had brought the CEO on the verge of needing an 'air sickness' bag.

=/\= Privacy mode engaged. =/\=

"Alright," Sonja began in a soft and reassuring tone, her hands having taking hold of her friend's shoulders to show both support and an inability for Ya'Han to just walk away from this should she wished to.  "It's just you and me now, so tell me what's going on.  Why would Jayson being with that woman end up with him becoming your brother-in-law?"

"It's hard to explain," Ya'Han said while being on the brink of tears. "It is something that we are not allowed to speak of, not even amongst ourselves."

"What? You mean between members of your race?" Sonja inquired, her curiosity having been beyond piqued.

"No," the now purple haired woman said as she shook her head. "Between us... between the daughters of the High Sovereign... my sisters."

"I'm sorry but I don't understand what the problem is," the redhead pointed out without hesitation or reservation.  "You left that world and those rules behind to be able to live your own life, and you will never be able to do that if you hold on to the limitations that were imposed on you back then.  I am here to help you, we all are, but you have to make a decision; either leave your past behind and embrace the present or forget about being able to ever live free because you are holding on to the shackles of your past."

Ya'Han blinked several times as she looked back at her friend, not entirely sure if she should be hurt or grateful for Sonja's bluntness.  After a few seconds, a smile appeared on her lips as her hair colour changed once more, this time back to the customary black.

"It is a well kept secret, one that is passed down from royal mother to daughters," Ya'Han began to explain, her voice filled with sorrow as she forced herself to recall the world and people she had left behind.  "The daughters of the High Sovereign are able to attract and keep a chosen mate by using a technique that is only theirs to use.  It is a mixture of voice and eye contact, one that renders the male powerless to resist them."

"What? Like the 'Weirding Ways'," Sonja asked, trying to make a connection between what she had been told and what she had read in a book, once long ago.

"I don't know anything about any 'Weird Ways,'" Ya'Han admitted a little confused, "but all of my sisters were taught on how to use this ability to insure that their husbands would always be true to them and keep the interests of our world and its people in view no matter what happened."

"Can you do that with any male or are you limited to only the ones you are interested in?" the redhead Chief Engineer asked, still trying to wrap her head around the full significance of what had been confined in her.

"My sisters can do this to anyone they chose," the Chief of Security admitted as she lowered her eyes.  "I, on the other hand, was never completed my training to use this skill as I ran away from my world before my mother could finish instructing me in on how to use it fully."

"Well, never mind about that for now," Sonja brushed off with a gesture of her hands, "what's this about the brother-in-law bit?  Are you actually saying that Jayson is having dinner with your sister Ya'Jun?"

"It would appear so," Ya'Han nodded with a sigh.  "The way he seems powerless to refuse her demands and the way he spoke of the most painful moment of his own history without the slightest hesitation leaves me to believe that he is with Ya'Jun now and that she is using him, for what though I am not sure."

"Oh crap, there's a nice lovely wrench," Sonja said with a pronounced sigh. "ANI, open the channel to everyone," the Chief Engineer demanded of the Avatar with haste.

=/\= Privacy mode disengaged. =/\=

"No time to explain, but I have it under good source that Jayson may be with Ya'Jun as we speak and that she is using some sort of voice initiated controlling mumbojumbo to have him answer her questions and tell her everything she wants," Sonja stated for everyone to hear hoping that something could be done before it was too late.  "In short he's bewitched," she added.

=/\= Morningstar to Ensign Stark, please respond. =/\=

Silence was all that anyone could hear through the subdermal communication network, everyone waiting with baited breath to see what would happen next.

=/\= This is Captain Morningstar to Ensign Stark, respond now! =/\=

Sonja now wished that she had not gone private with Ya'Han, at least she would have known just how far this little mind-control thing of Ya'Jun had gone.

=/\= Ensign Stark is not responding, =/\= the Captain stated, drawing everyone;s attention to his next words.  =/\= I need however is closest to report in his condition and intervene to get him out of Ya'Jun control.  As of right now, Ensign Stark is to be considered as an extreme security risk, and he is to be apprehended and contained until we can find out more about what as happened. =/\=

"I don't hear any wedding bells in his future anytime soon," Sonja half joked as she took hold of Ya'Han hand and pulled her back onto her feet, the two women making a rapid exit and trip to the Main Dinning Area of the MASQUERADE DREAMS to hopefully help Jayson or at the very least get a look at the woman he had been with, a woman whom they now strongly believed to being Ya'Han's sister.


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