"From Forgotten Family to Fairest Female"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Main Dining Room
Stardate: 30152.1915

His earlier run-in with Lillie Doyanne, the reinstated CMO of the ANUBIS, had already been long forgotten. Not because he had wished it, but simply because of the woman sitting across the table from him had taken hold of all of his senses.

Lore from EARTH's ancient past spoke of women possessing irresistible beauty. The voices of these fabled beings was said to charm any men upon hearing them.  He had believed these stories to have been nothing but wild folkloric tales, normal events that had been exaggerated over the centuries.  At least that had been what he believed up until now.

Jayson looked across the table at the woman sitting there as if the two of them had been the only ones in the universe.  Even the possibility of the thought of looking away had been absent from his mind.  All he wished for was to hear her speak, her voice having become the most valued and rare commodity.

He gazed into her eyes as if the answer to every possible question could be found there. Maybe he would be able to find a way to make her say a few words and grant his greatest wish. How had it been that he had not felt this way before and how could he manage to go on in any other way?

"If you continue to look at me that way, you might end up making me blush."

His wish had been granted, making his heart race, but greed soon took hold of him. The words she had spoken had been nothing but a tease, leaving him wanting more. So much more.  In a matter of seconds she had become everything he could desire making him hers to do with as she would wish.

"No worries, all I can see are the stars in your eyes."

She smiled a smile that made him let out a long enamourous sigh. He could not explain how he felt, or how this feeling had come to be, but Jayson wished that he would never stop feeling this way.  Against the most basic of logic, he knew that his place had been by this woman's side for as long as she would have him.

"Tell me about yourself, your home and those you have left behind to be here."

Her words had washed over him like a spell, depriving him of all conscious thoughts and leaving him with an undying desire to please her and do as she wished.

Memories of his life before this one immediately came to mind. Images of Leena; their wedding day and night; and their home on a world on the border of Federation space flowed without any challenge. The world that they shared had been one with troubled politics. That same world saw the end of his dreams of a happy family in the explosion of one medical facility among countless others.

The memories should have been painful to say the least, bringing the OPS officer to tears as it had done so many times before, but not this time.  For an unknown reason Jayson felt no sadness in remembering the images of his dead wife and the life he had left behind to return to EARTH afterwards.

Even more surprising had been that he smiled as he told his dinner companion about his former life and the wife who had meant so much to him.  Without any sort of hesitation he told her of the first time he had meet Leena, how they had become engaged and talked about having a family of their own. He sounded genuinely happy when he spoke of how the two of them had decided to leave EARTH to make this dream come true.


Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-101 (Ya'Han)
Stardate: 30152.1925

"What's wrong?"

Sonja had seen something odd about the way Ya'Han looked. The Sec/Tac had appeared troubled and concerned, but the CEO could not see why.  The engineer had long ago tuned out the voice of the OPS officer as he told the story of his life.

"That does not sound like Jayson."

Her own whispered words had been meant not to interrupt him, although the Chief of Security doubted that anything could have done that. Just listening in on the conversation, Ya'Han could tell that there had been something different about the man, something that had made him to not be the person she thought she knew him to be.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations