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"From Fact-Finding to Forgotten Family"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-101 (Ya'Han)
Stardate: 30152.1810

The question had come out of nowhere and had hit her like a quantum torpedo set to detonate upon impact.  Although simple in wording, the query made by the Hirogen Hunter and undercover Intel Operative had been anything but simple for the exiled thirteen daughter of the High Sovereign to handle.  Unable to answer right away due to the unexpected nature of the question, Ya'Han actually took a step back to help steady herself.

"Tall *and* inconsiderate," Sonja huffed as she went around the standing living tower to offer her 'bestie' the emotional support the redhead had been sure was required at this time. "You are the whole complete package aren't you?"

"I am sorry if I was too blunt," Uxtar said while appearing more confused than apologetic.  "I did not see the need to not get right away to the point of my being here so as to limit my time here and risk exposing us all for whom we truly are."

"It's alright," Ya'Han said with difficulty as she returned Sonja's smile and steadied herself against the nearest corner or a desk, "he just caught me by surprise. Secrets, as I have come to learn, are not a good thing to keep between us. Since everyone else from the ANUBIS knows the details, I believe that it is only fair he also be made aware of them. "

"I don't see why," the redhead said in a low growling tone, shooting a narrow-eyed glare back up to the Hirogen.  Sonja had accepted the task of protecting Ya'Han while they were on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS, and this apparently included defending her from an overly curious and overly tall Hirogen.

"I have no idea as to the specific reasons why you are all here," Uxtar pressed on, "but I have stumbled upon something that I believe to be of some importance. It may have nothing to do with the bombing attempt that we stopped, but I can tell that there is a lot more at stake in this than I was told.  So again I ask, are you in any way related to the woman the Pythron merchant Drask Pharren is searching for?"

"She is my sister," Ya'Han said after having taken a deep swallow as she combed her fingers through her thick black hair that had fallen forward over her shoulder.  "Her name if Ya'Jun and she ran away from our father roughly seven months ago.  I suspect that Mister Pharren has been searching for her ever since."

"Your sister?" Uxtar asked sounding ever more confused then before. "Why would a ruthless merchant the likes of Drask Pharren be looking for your sister?"

"The reason is that she is the twelfth daughter of the High Sovereign and ruler of NYLA IV," the now purple haired woman replied, "and because our father is not one to allow his daughters to just do as they please he has likely offered some sort of reward for her return, a prize that Mister Drask Pharren is certainly wishing to collect."

Uxtar tilted his head ever so slightly as he observed the woman in her new hair color, confirming in some way the claim that the two women had been related.  "Thank you for your answer. It has given me a great deal more information to work with which will certainly help me a great deal in my hunt."

"YOUR HUNT?!" Sonja snapped.  If memory served her well, the Hirogen reproductive organs were right where she needed them to be to teach that overly tall beast some well deserved manners.  "Ya'Jun is not a prize to be hunted like an animal," the redhead pointed out with frustration, having decided not to strike at the towering imbecile, at least not just yet.

"My words were ill chosen," Uxtar said, actually taking a step back from the now enraged redheaded women.  "My intent is to search through the passengers of the MASQUERADE DREAMS to see if she is indeed on board, and should I find anything I will report back to you and Captain Morningstar before Mister Drask Pharren is made aware of my findings."

"You'd better," Sonja snarled as she held Ya'Han just that much tighter, "or I can assure you that I'll turn you into minced meat, feed you to a Klingon targ and toss the entire stinking mess into the warp core of the ANUBIS."

The towering hunter looked down upon the woman who had just threatened him, not sure if he should be amused or concerned. "I have one last question, this one in regards to the lady accompanying Drask Pharren," Uxtar continued having found the words and attitude of the redheaded engineering uniquely interesting.

"Yes," Ya'Han said having guessed what the Hirogen had been about to ask.  "She is of the same race as me but no she is not one of my sisters.  Ye'Lan may very well be the property of that merchant and the source of his knowledge on my people. The fact that she is always seen with green hair makes it rather certain that she belonged to the entertainment cast of my people, and as such was someone to be highly sought after."

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer