"From Fatigued to Fact-Finding"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1715

Uxtar watched with interest as Drask Pharren walked away escorted by his two imposing bodyguards.  A lot could be learnt from observing the way a prey moved.  The Pythron merchant had a very confident step, one that indicated that the man knew what he wanted, but the way his bodyguards followed ever so closely showed the hunter that the man had been nervous about something.  It was very possible that through several of his dealings the man had made enemies, and that information could prove an asset for the Hirogen.

“He’s not one to waste time or words,” Uxtar said out loud as if speaking to himself while in reality he had wanted to gage the green hair woman’s reaction.  Gathering as much information as possible had been an essential trait of any hunter or Intel operative, and for the undercover Hirogen hunter, this was even more important.

“No he is not,” Ye’Lan confirmed, but it was the hesitation in her voice that spoke volumes.  As much as the merchant had been nervous about something, the green haired woman had been equally nervous about him, even possibly scared.  Through his observation of Drask, Uxtar had pinned him to being a ruthless merchant. With the woman’s reaction, the hunter came to understand a little more as to just how ruthless the Pythron man had been.

The two bodyguards had followed their master leaving the green haired woman behind to fend for herself.  True there had been the possibility that she had been more than capable of handling herself in a crisis, but Uxtar doubted from what he could see that she would be able to truly defend herself in a life or death situation.  Through this the hunter understood that Drask had been a man interested in the final goal, and not in the price that he or those around him would have to pay to get it.

Had he been anyone else, Uxtar might have felt some level of pity for Ye’Lan who he saw now more than ever before as a worthless pawn to be used by his new employer. Maybe by the end of this mission something could be done to help her, but for now her role had been clear, just as much as his own.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Lower Deck 27
Stardate: 30152.1745

It was interesting to read the description of the woman Drask Pharren had been so eager to find.  The woman’s physical details strangely fit that of the ANUBIS’ own Chief of Security, Ensign Ya’Han.  According to the information provided by Ye’Lan, his prey possessed the ability to change her hair color at will, leaving the hunter to wonder, even if only briefly, if Ya’Han could do the same.

Very little background information had been given to Uxtar, likely because Drask Pharren had not wanted the hunter to know too much about who he had been sent to find. This was another clue as to the merchant’s state of mind and how cautious he had been.  The Hirogen actually smiled as he imagined the man always looking over his shoulders to see if some unwanted entity had been closer than he would have liked them to be.

With several puzzle pieces missing for him to be able to properly begin his hunt, the Hirogen decided to seek out the assistance of the woman who’s description matched so very closely that of his prey.

Stardate: 30152.1800

The passenger manifest had shown Ya’Han to be in Room 23-101, so after having falsified a work request for that exact location, the Hirogen had made his way there to see if he might be able to gather a little more information on the elusive prey.

“Yes?” the redhead woman said as she opened the door, her eyes having to climb their way up to meet those of the Hirogen maintenance staff member.
“You reported a malfunctioning light fixture,” Uxtar said as he looked over the woman to see if Ensign Ya’Han had been there.

“Light fixture?” the Engineer repeated adding a raised eyebrow for good measure.  She had not made such a report and had there been a malfunctioning light fixture, the CEO of the USS ANUBIS would have been more than capable of handling the crisis herself.  As she imagined ways of cutting the Hirogen down to size, the fiery haired woman realized that the giant standing in front of her had been the same one who Ensign Stark and Commander Shar’El had been with.
Figuring that he had a valid reason to have presented himself with such a story, Lieutenant Paquette invited the Hirogen to step in.  “What can we do for you?” Paquette asked as soon as the door closed behind their guest.

“I have a few questions to ask of Ensign Ya’Han,” Uxtar said as he noticed the women in question step in view of the Hirogen.  The hunter displayed pleasure in having succeeded in this first task, his smile a sharp contrast to the expression of concern that had appeared on the woman who had been the reason for his presence here.

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