"From Fraud to Fatigued"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-112 (Erik)

Stardate: 30152.1710

The voices had somehow been silenced and the memories of places and people she had never seen before had faded back to a past that had not been hers. Calmness had returned to her thoughts, a state of mind that she found herself delightfully pleasant.

Gradually images of place and people she knew as well as voices she recognized began to slip back into her mind. Each returning memory was welcomed with an inner smile as Shar'El's sense of sanity reinforced itself. These had been the places and people she knew, voices that she enjoyed and even had come to miss.

One particular voice came to be clearer than any other for a short period, the voice of the ANUBIS' former Chief Medical officer, a pleasant woman with a difficult past, a person whom Shar'El had been pleased to call a friend.  At the time, the two of them had been outsiders keeping a complicated secret from those around them.  That had been the source of their friendship, having found one another in their attempts to remain hidden from the rest.

It had been strange that the source of their friendship had been a secret that they had initially wished to hide from everyone, a secret that Shar'El eventually revealed to all while Lillie's forced her to leave the ship and its crew, including her friend.

With her thoughts focused on the golden haired woman, Shar'El began to remember several specific memories dealing with Lillie Doyanne.  One had been the Doctor's own recollection of a happier time, but the others had been of the two women's time together including a short encountered on this very ship.  The encounter, as the acting ExO / ILO remembered had not ended well for both the CMO and OPS officer whom she remember pushing away with all of her available might.

"It's alright Shar'El," a reassuring voice said, bridging the realms of dreams and reality.  "You are safe."

It had taken a few moments for the acting ExO / ILO to recognize the voice has having been that of the ship's Counselor, Eve Dalziel, a voice that Shar'El had been more than happy to hear.

"Where am I and what happened?" the dazed woman asked, still lacking the physical strength to even force her eyes to open.

"You are safe," Eve answered, thinking that specifying that she had been on the bed of the Commanding Officer might have caused more harm than good.  "As for what happened, a psyonic inducer was discovered in the room that you were investigating. From what we gathered, it caused several of your implanted memories to surface all at once."

"In other words; I was not working on all thrusters," Shar'El said with a long sigh, not even trying to open her eyes knowing that she lacked the strength to do even that.  "I hope that no one was hurt while I was performing an experiment in artificial stupidity."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Eve said, glad to see the acting ExO / ILO sounding a little more like herself.  "This was not your doing, Sonja and Ya'Han found a device behind the mirror you had been looking at. It caused some of your implanted memories to surface."

"All those memories coming at me all at the same time was just too much for me to handle," Shar'El said as she allowed her body to relax against the softness of the bed that she had been laid on.  "*That* I remember," the acting ExO / ILO added with disappointment.

"Doctor Doyanne got you back to us thanks to the information discovered from the psyonic inducer," Eve said, just as a way to fill in some of the possible gaps in the dark hair woman's mind.

"Lillie was here?" Shar'El said as she snapped up to sit on the bed, not at all sure as to where the energy to having been able to do this had come from.

"You need to relax and rest," Counselor Dalziel quickly said as she helped the acting ExO / ILO back onto the bed.  "I am sure that you will be able to thank her in person at some point, but for now you need to take it easy."

Reluctantly Shar'El complied with the Counselor's words, not that she had a lot of options to act otherwise. The reaction that she had gone through after hearing that doctor Doyanne had been there by her side had deprived the acting ExO / ILO of whatever strength she might have had.

"I'm sorry for taking up space in your room," Shar'El said as she felt her tired mind and body slipping into sleep.  "I'll go back to mine right after..."

Eve just grinned as she and Captain Morningstar watched the dark haired woman fall into a peaceful slumber while on the bed of the ANUBIS' own Commanding Officer.

"Looks like you will have a woman sleeping in your bed for a little while longer," Eve said teasingly to her Captain who appeared somewhat unimpressed by this latest turn of event.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer