"From Physics to Fraud"
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The gift of words is the gift of deception and illusion - Frank Hubert

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-112 (Erik)
Stardate: 30152.1705

Taking the tiny trinket may have been an easy feat for most, possibly even an honor, but the coldness in her previous Captain's eyes indicated that the gesture had been one of necessity and nothing more. Lillie felt her throat dry as she reached out for the subdermal communicator that would allow her words to be heard by all currently enlisted on the ANUBIS.

"Thank you," Doctor Doyanne said as she accepted the offered device.

"You and I will need to talk," the Native American added in a much colder voice than the CMO had anticipated hearing.  "Soon."

The statement earned their CO a quick questioning glace from Eve before she wrapped her long lost companion in a hug "Welcome back to the USS ANUBIS Ensign Lillie Doyanne, can't wait to work with you again" the lieutenant beamed a gentle and reassuring smile as she released the doctor.

Grasping the acting ExO's hand in her own, the blonde woman gave their interlaced fingers a soft squeeze "She'll be alright... the frequencies should slowly be subduing the memories effected by the psionic inducer and will be bringing our good old Shar'El to the surface soon"

"Are you leaving?" Dalziel asked, her head tilting in slight confusion.

"I had an... encounter earlier with someone who I'll need to deal with, but it hopefully won't take long. Keep me posted if any anomalies occur and if her eyes start to pull too far back try to soothe her, words only though best not to touch her until we're sure our second in command has returned to herself"

Lillie gave the Cardassian-born woman a reassuring smile the doctor turned to leave. Shuddering slightly when passing the Native American's side, the Tarellian made sure to avoid physical contact and could tell that he was doing the same. Having been at Shar'El's side throughout the worst of her treatment would have to be enough because although it wasn't vocalized the blonde woman knew that her sudden return wasn't as welcome as Erik had made it seem.

After waving to the retreating doctor Eve turned her attention to the Captain, a delicate hand on her hip "So... what was that all about?" she questioned him curiously, watching his body for any physical reaction like that she observed between the two mere moments before.

"We can talk about it another time. Afterwards." Morningstar mumbled slightly, having noticeably relaxed a decent amount after their unexpected aide had left.
The counselor decided to drop the topic - for now - though her curiosity still burned. Was there something about Ensign Doyanne's departure that had upset their CO, or was there something else driving his apparent icy nature towards their medical officer.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-130 (Lillie)
Stardate: 30152.1730

Back in her room, Lillie stared at the tiny device and debated on if to place it on herself before or after her date. Finally the importance of being at the beck and call of the ANUBIS crew outweighed the possible embarrassment the Ensign would need to face having them hear everything. Privacy settings could be enabled regardless if there was ever the need.

The subdermal communicator in place, the newly reinstated CMO tested it's connection "Can everyone on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS hear me?"

=^= Affirmative. =^= came the quick reply of their resident science expert, toiling away to further unlock the mysteries behind the terrorism devices from within her room.

=^= Roger that! =^= Sonja's lighthearted voice sounded, Lillie could practically see her with a thumbs-up in the air.

=^= Who's Roger? =^= came the inquisitive answer from a Ya'Han, a woman the Tarellian knew little of but hoped to know better in the coming days.

=^= Online. =^= was the cold answer that came from their Native American Captain.

=^= Great, more voices in my head... =^= Ensign Stark chuckled sarcastically, obviously previously occupied.

=^= We're all here Doctor =^= Eve reassured, sounding as caring as always.

A smile graced the blonde woman's face as she heard so many familiar voices sound off their presence. A tight sensation gripped in the medical researcher's chest as she thought of the deception that she herself was pulling them through. Although the Terran-like woman meant no harm, the dishonesty was sure to make her crew mates distrust her.

None of them were yet aware of Lillie's true purpose on board of the MASQUERADE DREAMS. While dressing for her night, the doctor's eyes continuously fell upon the corner of the PADD hidden beneath her mattress, the one containing all her most updated notes. Sighing slightly the Tarellian took the device into her hands delicately and quickly scanned it's contents.

Research spanning generations of families. Research that cost the lives of thousands to acquire. Research that would hopefully end the blonde woman's race plague forever and render them an active culture among the Federation. All the research pointed to one person - a single woman with their answers, lost centuries ago to the plague. Luckily her memories had been preserved... within the fragile mind of acting ExO Shar'El.

Tears came to the Ensign's eyes thinking about the false pretenses under which she had rejoined the ANUBIS team. Sadly, with the temporary cure slowly failing, Lillie had no other option if she was to save her people. Without the permanent cure the side-effects of her temporary injections would overwhelm and kill her, even worse her children had been showing some signs of the side-effects as well even without having even been plagued or injected themselves.

The final image displayed on the screen of the PADD was that of her children, their frozen smiling faces gazing back at her through the screen. The Admiral had pointed the Tarellian in the direction, had acquired her a room. The rest of this mission rested solely on the fragile woman's shoulders. It was a mission Lillie refused to fail. Her very life, that of her children and even race were dependent on it' success.

Dressed in a shimmering blue evening gown, Doctor Doyanne sat in a chair provided to look lovingly at the PADD in her hands. A knock on the door interrupted the doctor's thought process and rose her from the comfort of the chair she had been pondering in. Pulling on a light blue shawl and placing the PADD back in her personal luggage, Lillie went to the door and opened it, not at all surprised as to who she found on the other side.

"My lady, you look positively gorgeous this evening" the Rutian charmed, adding a dazzling smile to accompany his words.

"Fenix... I was somewhat hoping you had forgotten..."

"Forgotten? A delicate flower like you?" taking the Tarren-like woman's hand in his, Fenix kissed her palm gently "Never."

The gentleman offered his arm to the undercover officer, which she took hesitantly "I... I haven't been out for a very long time..."

"How long is that?"

"About 6 years, I stopped after my husband's... accident"

The usually charming man's face reflected sympathy, possibly even empathy as he spoke "I'm truly sorry to hear that, did you have any children?"

"No..." the Tarellian was unwilling to mention her daughters to a man she had just met, the lie cut her deep inside.

"A shame if they would have inherited from you" the Rutian soothed, rubbing an absent hand over the woman's blonde hair.

Her cheeks red from embarrassment the Ensign cleared her throat and tried to ignore the softness of the hand on her head. A softness that reminded the doctor of times long past. The unlikely couple walked the remaining distance in silence to the main dining room. Although, with the Terran-like woman's heart beating so loudly in her chest it was most likely that she wouldn't have heard her counterparts words even if they had been spoken.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Main Dining Room
Stardate: 30152.1855

"Jason?" Lillie exclaimed upon entering the well lit main dining room, having spotted her friend from a short distance away.

Ensign Stark was dressed in the most appealing outfit she had ever seen on him. His face was cleanly shaven and from their close proximity Lillie could smell the pleasant musk of his cologne. Obviously her fellow undercover officer had plans of his own with someone special this evening. Doctor Doyanne's thoughts were confirmed when she saw the look on Jason's face.

"L-Lillie... what are you doing here?" the nervous man exclaimed, his mind so filled with the dreamy images of his soon to-be dinner date that he hardly realized the doctor had a friend of her own holding around her waist.

The Operations officer hadn't planned having anyone else from the ANUBIS at his personal soiree with his goddess, though he could think of worse people to have around. At least having the doctor nearby meant that no medical emergencies would go left unchecked in any worst case scenario.

"You know this man?" Fenix questioned, seemingly sweet but Jason could make out the hint of venom in his tone, directed of course at him - the man in question.

The ANUBIS crew mates exchanged hesitant glances a moment before Lillie answered "He's a friend, from back on Earth"

"Ahhh, well then I hope you'll excuse us. Your friend is owed a drink." the Rutian said, bowing slightly to the Ensign before pulling his date away towards one of the more luxurious tables set.

Well... this just made both their evenings that much more complex.

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Ensign Lillie Doyanne
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