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"No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before."
Stephen Hawkins

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-112 (Erik)
Stardate: 30152.1630

"Greetings Doctor," the Native American offered as the former CMO of the USS ANUBIS entered the room.  "Your presence on the MASQUERADE DREAMS is most fortuitous, and we are all very happy to see you here."

The tone of voice used by Captain Morningstar had been more reserved than grateful, yet Lillie had not experienced the coldness and distance that she had expected to receive from her former CO.  She knew that her own unique medical condition had made it difficult for the Native American Captain to accept her on board the ANUBIS when she had initially joined, and it had made sense to expect the same level of caution from him at this time.  Truth be told, the absence of what she had expected came as a welcomed surprise.

"As you had earlier suspected, we believe that Commander Shar'El is suffering from some sort of induced psychotic break from reality, one that was likely brought upon by a psyonic inducer targeting traumatic memories, maybe even a specific one," Eve explained, as she took hold of the blonde woman's hand and brought her to stand by the side of her patient.

"Guess Lieutenant Paquette and Ensign Ya'Han found something in that room," Doctor Doyanne deduced, the information allowing her to tackle the problem at hand with greater focus and a higher probability of finding a solution.  "I was able to get my hands on a few reports concerning Commander Shar'El and the memories she received while on the moon of PI ALPHA III.  Based on what you have just said, it makes sense that she would have reacted this way.  If whatever was found was calibrated to focus and amplify a single memory, the results in her case would have been more than sufficient to break her hold on reality."

"Can you help her?" the Captain inquired rather dryly, ready to ask for his First Officer to be beamed back to the ANUBIS should there be any need to do so.

"I believe I can," Lillie replied, having glanced in the Native American's direction ever so briefly before returning her fullest attention to the sedated woman.  "Luckily I brought a few medical essentials with me."

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.1640

Ensign Stark had returned to his room with a rather noticeable bounce in his step, the thought of having dinner with the black haired woman who had called herself Shae having been all he could think about.

Through the subdermal communication network, the Operations Officer had kept up with the events concerning their Acting First Officer and her condition, but it had been clear that neither his presence of expertise had been required at this time.  So it was with no hints of guilt or concern that Jayson went about his preparation.

After all he only had two hours and fifteen or so minutes to make himself to be the perfect gentleman, one he could only hope would be able to impress her half as much as she had him.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049 (Bomber's room)
Stardate: 30152.1645

Lieutenant Paquette and Ensign Ya'Han had left no wall-mounted decoration unturned, making sure that they looked at everything in the hopes of finding something more to shed some light on who had been behind the earlier bombing attempt.  So far though, their efforts had been fruitless, the room having yielded no clues as to the identity of the would-be bomber or those he had given his life for.

"I hope that Commander Shar'El will be alright," the Chief of Security offered in a soft whispered voice, not wanting her words to distract or interrupt the efforts that were underway to help the woman in question.

"She's in good hands," Sonja reassured.  "Think it's time for us to make our exit. I don't think there is anything else for us to find here," the redhead Engineer stated as she motioned for Ya'Han to join her so that the two of them could make as quick an exit as possible.  As much as the room had been meant for only one person, there had still been the possibility of an accomplice walking in to see if anything had been left behind, which unfortunately had not been the case.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 23-101 (Maya)
Stardate: 30152.1650

Although the Shillian had not been in one of the numerous labs on board the ANUBIS, she had still managed to find herself very much at home surrounded by various PADDs and displays, each one relaying some specific data from the ANUBIS.

The analysis of the bomb had yielded some interesting facts, such as the possible point of origin of several key components in its manufacturing.  Likewise, the strength and dispersal pattern of the controlled explosion had made it clear that the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been meant to only be shakened, not crippled by the explosion.

On another PADD, the preliminary report on the device found by Lieutenant Paquette and Ensign Ya'Han had begun to appear.  Hoping to find something that would prove to be of some help to Doctor Doyanne, the Shillian wasted no time in scanning the information.

"Maya to Captain Morningstar, the device that was found behind the mirror is in fact a psionic inducer, one that was set to work on a frequency of 0.736 hertz.  My guess is that it was set to the occupant's highest specific Delta Wave susceptibility. It is therefore very likely that a similar frequency, set of course on an inverse amplitude, could be used to counter the effect and allow Commander Shar'El to regain control of her thoughts and memories," the Chief Science Officer relayed.  "I would also suggest that if Doctor Doyanne is going to be helping us on this mission that she be given a subdermal communicator of her own.  It would help a great deal if she could communicate back and forth with the rest of the undercover team without us having to relay messages every time the needs arises."

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1655

The Hirogen listened carefully to the business proposition being offered to him.  Although the man had obviously not been a Ferengi, the way that he spoke hinted as to the merchant having had several dealings with that particular race.

"So allow me to recap," the Pythron merchant continued.  "I would like for you to track down this woman who has eluded me thus far.  Her safe return is of the utmost importance to those I represent and I am ready to generously compensate you for all your troubles.  Of course, I would ask that you keep our arrangement private during and after its completion should you be successful. Failure to do so would force me to become a far less amicable business partner."

Instinctively Uxtar's eyes shifted up to the two bodyguards, easily imagining what Drask had meant.  Normally, a Hirogen would not agree to such a deal, the hunt being its own reward and the prey having come across as having been nothing worth his time, but these had not been normal circumstances and the prey had seemed to be challenging enough to pique his interest.

"I agree," the Hirogen nodded stoically.

"Excellent," Drask announced with a beaming smile.  "Ye'Lan will provide you with all of the information we have to help you on your hunt as well as payment for your time so far.  I did say that I would make this meeting worth your while regardless of your final decision."

The green haired woman leaned over the table and placed a PADD and a pouch in front of the still sitting Hirogen, adding an alluring smile to add to the hunter's compensation.

Uxtar was of course tempted to take both but instead he only took the PADD leaving the pouch on the table.  "I will take the reward only *after* the hunt has been successful."

"And that is why I like dealing with people such as yourself," Drask grinned as he leaned back in his chair.  "Single-minded and focus.  I am sure that we will be speaking again very soon.  Should you need anything, Ye'Lan is at your disposal and can relay any information back to me should you need to do so.  Good hunting my friend."

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-112 (Erik)
Stardate: 30152.1700

It had been nearly 30 minutes since Doctor Doyanne had walked into the room, and it had been just as long since she had started to work to free the acting First Officer from her psychosis.  The information provided by Commander Maya had proven indispensable as Shar'El began to show clear signs of improvement the moment the frequency had been modified as suggested.

The Native American had kept the second part of the recommendation of his Chief Science Officer to himself for the time being.  Welcoming Doctor Doyanne back, even if only for the rest of this mission would open a door that Erik had not been entirely ready to face.  Still, the more he saw his First Officer's vital signs return to normal, the more he had to admit to himself that the Doctor would be a very positive addition to the undercover team.

"I think she will be fine now," the Doctor announced following her latest tricorder scan.  "Please relay my thanks to Commander Maya for her help."

"You can tell her yourself," Erik stated as he handed over one of the spare subdermal communicators to the former CMO of the ANUBIS.  "I suspect that you know how and where to instal it?"

Lillie glanced at the small device for an instant before looking at Eve who simply smiled and nodded.  Although the words had not been spoken per say, it was clear that the Captain had welcomed her back as a member of the ANUBIS.

"Thank you," Doctor Doyanne said as she accepted the offered device.

"You and I will need to talk," the Native American added in a much colder voice than the CMO had anticipated hearing.  "Soon."

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049 (Bomber's room)
Stardate: 30152.1715

The frustration of the failed bombing of the lower decks of the MASQUERADE DREAMS still hung over his head.  So far he had not been able to figure out what had gone wrong, but that had not stopped him from moving ahead with an alternate plan.

As the Rutian man stepped into the room, he immediately noted the absence of one particular item; the mirror that had been set on the wall across from the room.  An angered growl echoed from deep within his throat as he quickly glanced around the room to see if the thief or thieves had still been here.  When he confirmed that he had been the only one in the room, Fenix simply pivoted onto his heel and left.

His plans would have to be pushed ahead to insure that whoever had taken the mirror would not interfere again as they had likely done the first time.

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