"From Fascinating to Follower"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1645

Uxtar had not wanted to take the chance of missing the meeting that the note in his locker had invited him to.  The secretive nature of the note had insured that the Hirogen would come ready for anything.  It had been very unlikely that something major would come to happen, but it had never been a good practice for a hunter to not be ready for any eventualities.

As he scanned the people who were going about their business on the deck, Uxtar noticed a familiar face, that of Ensign Stark.  The man seemed lost in a world of his own creation and it was clear that the Hirogen, despite his size and appearance, would likely not be able to draw the man's attention onto him.  Still, the hunter thought that this had actually been best, he would be able to report with more details after the meeting to someone from the ANUBIS.  if not Ensign Stark than anyone else he would come to run into, either by chance or design.  As a member of the maintenance staff of the MASQUERADE DREAMS it had been easy for him to walk about the ship and find reasons to actually present himself to their room.

So many people from so many different walks of life could be found on the deck.  Any of them could, with he proper incentives and training, been the one who had brought to note to be in his locker.  As Uxtar met the gaze of some of the passengers, he began to wonder if this had not been some sort of test, a way for someone to see if he had been the type to actually respond to the note instead of ignoring it.  It would have been just as likely that this had been some sort of trap, one meant to make an example of him for what he had done during the two years undercover in the Delta Quadrant.

Paranoia unfortunately became a dear friend and companion to those who spent a great deal of time undercover, always expecting something to cast doubt on the chosen role that they had played for whatever purpose.  Luckily, the odds of this had been negligible and the Hirogen believed that the meeting had been just as it had been stated: a business proposition aimed at someone possessing a unique skill set.

Only a few minutes remained before the stated hour and still Uxtar had not been able to identify anyone who could have been responsible for the note.  This caused the hunter to question his own skills as a tracker as he figured that by now he should have been able to identify someone who had been either out of place or had been like him waiting for something.  To counter this idea, the Hirogen instead began to think of his potential employer as being someone who had been skilled and knowledgeable in this particular field, a realization that only served to raise the bar for himself.

What sort of work would require such a level of secrecy as to bring a Hirogen to meet an unknown and unseen individual on a ship such as the MASQUERADE DREAMS?  In a few minutes, Uxtar hoped that at the very least that particular question would be answered in some small way.

"Glad that you decided to come," a woman with striking green hair said as she moved in closer and took a caring hold of Uxtar's arm.  "Just come with me, he's waiting for you by the side of the pool."

So many questions the Hirogen wanted to ask, but he knew that this woman had been nothing but the inbetween, a way to insure security and anonymity for her employer.  The hunter had half expected to be brought to a place where he would not see the person in question, but instead the green haired woman invited the Hirogen to sit at a table where a man sat with two large Hupyrian bodyguards.

"Mister Uxtar, I am very pleased to see that you decided to join us, please sit and enjoy a drink," the man said as he gestured for the hunter to join him before pushing a glass of clear liquid forward. "I know of your kind, and you have nothing to worry, the glass is filled with nothing but pure, fresh water."

"Thank you," Uxtar offered with caution as he eased himself down into the chair that had been offered to him.

"I am so sorry, where are my manners.  Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Drask Pharren, a man who knows the value of rare and precious things and one who is accustomed to getting the things that he has set his eyes on.  It is why you are here, because I need you to help me find something... well, someone."

Uxtar offered a faint smile as he played the role that had been required of him, a role that in all honesty had been his to play since well before his birth.

Mark Hutchings

Lieutenant JG Uxtar
Currently on an undercover mission

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