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"From Factoids to Fools"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049
Stardate: 30152.1625

The Chief of Security looked at the device found behind the mirror with hesitation, for fear that it might again trigger some unwanted memories.  Ya'Han could not help but be thankful and concerned at the same time for the redhead engineer being closer to the device than she was. Having felt its unique purpose, the black haired woman had wanted to keep her distances from the device and wished that Sonja had done the same.

Still their discovery had shed a well needed light on what had happened to Commander Shar'El and would hopefully led to a cure to be found.  In the meantime the two women currently in the room had to deal with the actual discovery and figure out how to proceed.

"What kind of terrorist uses such tools?" Ya'Han found herself asking out loud in a whispered voice, her dislike for the person she knew little about growing with each breath the Chief of Security took.

=/\= People who use terror to bring attention to a cause are usually desperate individuals who see themselves as having no other choice but to act in that manner, =/\= Eve said, having heard the question now that the full communication network between the undercover officers had been restored.

=/\= I call those types cowards, nothing more, nothing less, =/\= Jayson added with a tone of anger in his voice, the loss of his wife having been as far as he believed at the hands of such desperate and cowardly people.

A moment of silence followed as everyone tried to figure out the best way to continue.  What Jayson had gone through had not been easy, but it had been something that needed to be left in the past for both his sake and that of everyone else around him.  As different as they two of them had been, Ya'Han could in a way understand how difficult it had been for the Chief of Operations to leave a painful past behind and try to see the light ahead.

"As soon as we think it is safe to be transported, I will have the device beamed back to the ANUBIS for isolation and further testing," Sonja eventually said, her attention still fully cast upon the device. "After that, Ya'Han and I will resume our search through this room with a better idea of what we are looking for."

"Have we not found what it was we were looking for already?" the black haired Chief of Security asked, finding herself more than willing to leave this place.

=/\= Whoever the mastermind is behind the bombing attempt, he is obviously someone who does not only rally people to his cause but also uses them with little regards as to their thoughts and feelings.  It is therefore very likely that there would be other such devices in the room, or hints as to how they maintain control over those they have enlisted, =/\= the Captain said over the subdermal communication network.

"ANI, as far as I can tell the device is not booby trapped, so lock onto the energy signature and beam the device back to the ANUBIS," Sonja said, sounding as if she had been anxious to get more information on the specifics of the tool used by whoever had been behind the bombing attempt.

"Would it not be safer to beam the entire mirror as well," Ya'Han said.  "The device might be incorporated into the mirror or its frame in a way that we have not yet noticed."

"Good thinking," the redheaded engineer said with a smile.  "ANI, change of plan. Beam the entire thing over.  The MASQUERADE DREAMS will just have to deal with having one less mirror for the time being."

The two women watched as the transporter sequence was initiated and the mirror vanished into nothingness.  Ya'Han found herself staring at the empty spot on the wall where the mirror had been only seconds ago.

"Please tell me that we are not going through that again?" Sonja joked, playfully pushing the Chief of Security on the shoulder.

"No, I was just thinking of what kind of person actually does this and what kind of people actually fall for it and follow," the black haired woman mused with a sigh.

"Fool I would guess," the redhead engineer said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Fools?" Ya'Han repeated. "Which one, the one leading or those following?"

"Both my dear Watson, but now the game is afoot and it is clues that we need most."

The black haired woman sighed softly as she wondered if she would ever be able to figure out the red haired woman and all of her strange expressions.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer