"From Finder to Farraginous"
(Continued from "From Finder to Flirting"

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 24-112 (Erik)
Stardate: 30152.1615

The Native American deposited the woman as gently as he could, setting her down in the middle of the single bed.  The situation had been something new for him despite the fact that Captain Morningstar had dealt with countless other matters spanning multiple universes and dimensions.

"I wonder what happened," Erik offered with a sigh as he looked down at the unconscious form of his First Officer.

"I am wondering what is happening now," Eve added, her experience as a Ship's Counselor having made it very easy for her to notice the telltale signs of an deep inner conflict within the Ullian Commander.  "Just for the sake of discussion while we wait for Doctor Doyanne to get here, what kind of sedative was in that hypospray?"

"Just your standard Ambizine, nothing more," the Native American replied, a faint smirk having formed in his lips.

"Captain, if I did not know better I would guess that you are trying to deceive me," the Counselor snickered back.  "Ambizine is not a standard issue tranquilizer although it is widely used in Starfleet Medical circles.   Diphenylmethane is the standard issued tranquilizer, at least according to the latest report from Starfleet Medical on that particular subject.  I also know that the ANUBIS has a rather large stockpile of both  Tetrovaline  and Improvoline, which you could have accessed prior to the start of this mission."

"Been keeping up with our Medical department have you?" The Native American teased.  "I would never use Tetrovaline as it weakens the recipient's immune system while  Improvoline is more effective when used as an aerosol."

=/\= Surely Captain there are easier ways for you to get a date other than using some kind of sedative, =/\= Sonja jumped in with having been listening in on the exchange between the two Officers.  =/\= That said though, I would personally suggest Anaxol as an effective tranquilizer. It may not be as quick to knock someone out, but once it does kick in, you can take several hours to shave a Klingon bald without him ever knowing what happened. =/\=

=/\= And that would be another reason why I am glad Lieutenant Paquette works in Engineering instead of Sickbay, =/\= Ensign Stark chuckled.  As curious as he and the others might have been, no one had been willing to ask as to how the CEO had possessed such specific knowledge.

"Why did you ask?" Erik inquired of Eve, hoping that the question would take the attention away from the current line of thought and back on the matter at hand.

"Because Shar'El is not fully responding to whatever it was you had given her," the Counselor pointed out as she motioned to the sedated woman's eyes and hands.  "Most sedatives would knock someone out completely, but in this case she is still very much lost in whatever psychosis that she was in when she tried to run over me.  Ambizine is very effective on most Humanoid races, including Ullians as far as I knew, so I am rather concerned as just what is happening in that mind of hers."

Lieutenant JG Dalziel regarded the restless form of the ship's ExO with concern. She wanted inside the woman's mind, beyond the limits of what medicine could provide.  But she was not aware of anyone nearby that could enter Shar'El's consciousness.

Eve had spent a good chunk of her teen years despising her Cardassian genes. Countless times she wished to be anyone else, anything else, than what she was, as if that would provide escape from the internal turmoil that seemed everpresent. A Bolian pirate, a Breen guardian, an Orion slave girl, it didn't matter.

But right this minute, she only wanted to be one thing. A Vulcan. A stoic Vulcan, well-educated in the mind-meld.

"You're being too quiet," Erik chuckled.

"I'm beginning to think the only person who could really help Shar'El, is another Shar'El," Eve said as she drew in a ragged breath. "And it's not me," she added ruefully.

"My people still believe that each one of us has a spirit guide meant to help us on our path to metaphysical development."

"Aren't the spirit guides usually represented by an animal?" Dalziel asked, gently flicking her dark hair over her shoulder.

The CO of the ANUBIS nodded. "Some think there are spirit guides specific to different situations. A journey spirit guide, for example, is known to appear when you come to a fork in the road or when a decision is needed in order to change the course of your path in life. This animal remains at your side until your journey is complete. This journey can take days, months, or even years. I keep trying to imagine what Shar'El's might be."

"I only hope it makes itself known soon," Eve replied, laying her hand softly on the Ullian's forehead.

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Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel