"From Furious to Finder"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Lower Deck 29, Maintenance Staff Locker Room
Stardate: 30152.1600

With the situation following the failed bombing attempt in the hands of his former shipmates of the USS ANUBIS, Uxtar decided to return to the locker room and freshen up.  The bomber had been stopped and chaos averted, but the Hirogen’s inability to take a more active part in the aftermath investigation had been bothering him.  Standing still and waiting for something to happen was a skill usually associated with a hunter, but for a Hirogen, the hunt was a very demanding activity, one that required both physical and mental strength far more than patience.

Admiral Koniki had sent him here to track and stop the bomber, but why not inform him of the presence of Captain Morningstar and the rest of the ANUBIS’ command crew?  What game had the Admiral been playing at and what role had Uxtar been meant to fulfil in all of this?  As much as he enjoyed the hunting aspects of the Intel world, the cloak and dagger secrecy and deceptions had been something that the hunter still found difficult to adapt to.

Under normal circumstances the Hirogen would have sought out the opinion and suggestion of a superior officer, in this case that of Captain Morningstar. This he knew to not being a wise course of action as it would risk revealing the presence of the ANUBIS’ crew to others.  Uxtar might not have been a member of the crew anymore, but as an Intel operative, one with several years of undercover work experience, the hunter knew all too well the importance of keeping one’s true identity and purpose a secret.  So far they had been lucky and the hunter knew better than to press this luck further without a truly urgent need.

The best the Hirogen could do for now was to go about his business as a member of the maintenance staff of the Risian Luxury Cruise ship MASQUERADE DREAMS. While taking care of whatever task would be assigned to him, the hunter would stay alert and kept his senses trained on his surroundings in case something strange would happen. The possibility of another bombing attempt against the MASQUERADE DREAMS and its passengers insured Uxtar’s highest level of attention and awareness at this point in time.

When Uxtar opened the locked that he had been assigned to, the Hirogen was surprised to find a neatly folded piece of paper with his name handwritten on it. Obviously the note had not been there earlier this morning when he had checked his locker, so the unexpected discovery made the hunter immediately wonder as to what had happened. After shooting a quick glance over his shoulders to see if anyone else had been in the room with him, Uxtar cautiously reached in for the note and opened it.

[I have a business offer for someone possessing the skills and talents that are yours naturally.  If you are interested, please come to the Promenade deck at 1700. I guarantee that it will be well worth your time.  Surely there are better things for a great Hirogen hunter to do aside from fixing broken hinges or malfunctioning light fixtures.]

No name or indication as to who the sender of the note had been could be found by Uxtar. Had this been a way to get the Hirogen up to meet with Captain Morningstar? If so though why go through so much trouble to arrange for a simple meeting on a public deck? The more the hunter thought about the note and the offer mentioned therein, the more he believed that this had been something entirely different. Someone had taken notice of his presence on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS and was hoping to use him for a yet undetermined goal.

With the possibility that the clandestine meeting had something to do with the failed bombing attempt, Uxtar decided to be on the Promenade deck as he had been instructed.  This had been the only way to figure out who the note had come from and their intent. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, the Hirogen would seek out someone from the ANUBIS and inform them of the situation.  Until then there had been no reason to bother Captain Morningstar or the rest of the undercover crew who had likely their own issues and problems to deal with at this time.

Mark Hutchings

Lieutenant JG Uxtar
Currently on an undercover mission

[Earth is the insane asylum for the universe.]