"From Fighting to Furious"
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Stardate: 30152.1600

Voices that she knew filled her mind, yet she could not put a face to any of them.  Shar'El tried her best to make sense of the shapeless memories that seemed to emerge each and every time one of those voices echoed in her mind, but her inability to do son led the dark haired woman to wish that she could silence them all.

=/\= Commander, please, all we want to do is help. =/\= The voice had bee that of a woman, gentle and caring.  Somehow Shar'El believed that whoever this person had been, she would have made a perfect Counselor, but how could a disembodied voice be of any help?  With each additional step that the dark haired woman took, the closer she believed herself to be heading into madness.

The sounds of approaching footsteps drove the frantic woman up the nearest set of stairs.  She knew that sh had been on some sort of ship, but the idea of being aboard a secret military vessel did not match the luxurious decor that surrounded her at every turn.  What Shar'El needed was time, time to figure things out, to understand all of these images that filled her mind and to hopefully figure out who exactly she had been.

Being one deck higher than when she had started this mad rush into the unknown had not helped matters any.  The ship appeared just as strange and alien as before, and the voices trying to coax her to stop running only served to push her further.

=/\= Doctor Doyanne says that you are likely suffering from some sort of trauma-induced psychosis, =/\= a male voice said, the youthfulness of his words made Shar'El think of one person, a tall man with brown eyes reflecting both pain and hope.  Who had this person been and why as she thought of him after hearing that voice?  Had they been one and the same, or had this all been some sort of trick to have her stop running so that she could be captured.  =/\= You need to stop and let one of us help you. This is for your own good. =/\=

Memories of an imprisonment camp lost in the middle of a deep crater came rushing into her mind like a tsunami, wiping everything else out in one swift swipe.  The bodies of countless inmates could be seen beyond the towering walls, showing to everyone inside how completely futile any escape attempt would prove to be.  Screams the likes of which Shar'El had never heard before, not even in her worst nightmare, pushed the dark haired woman onto her knees for a brief moment as she tried her best to ward of the feeling of total desperation.

Escape was all that she wanted, escape from these images, memories and voices.  When another stairway was spotted, Shar'El dashed for them.  The walls of the crater may have been tall, but with enough of these stairs she believed that an escape had been within reach.

The luxuriously decorated walls on this deck appeared just like the ones from before, at least in some ways.  In other they appeared like some sort of rock face that would prove impossible to climb even with the best of equipment.  Memories became reality as more and more details of her surroundings gave way to a world Shar'El had been desperately trying to escape from.

She needed to find another set of stairs if she was to escape this prison. This was the logic and drive in her almost running down the passageway.  Escape had been her only goal, for failure would see her be just another body amongst the countless others that filled the crater beyond the walls of this jail.

"Shar'El, stop!" For a split second the acting ExO / ILO recognized the woman who had appeared directly in her path as being Eve Dalziel, the Counselor of the USS ANUBIS, alas that knowledge was driven from her mind just as quickly as it had come.  A heavily armed warden now stood in her place instead, blocking the one and only path to the idea of freedom.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Shar'El screamed at the top of her lungs as she tried to force her way pass the woman she had known in another time, another life.

The battle between the two women was short lived as a hypospray was applied against the neck of the acting ExO / ILO.  In only a few short seconds, the fury and rage of Shar'El was drained from her, and as she collapsed to the floor her eyes caught sight of a bearded man with distinct Native American features.

"Well done," Eve said as she looked over her shoulder to insure that no one else had witnessed this odd scene.  "Although I am curious as to why you carry a hypospray containing a sedative."

"Because," Erik answered with a concerned grin as he reached to take hold of his Executive Officer, "you never know when you may need to subdue a foe, or in this case a friend."

"We have her," Eve announced through the subdermal communication network. "Taking her into Room 24-112.  Jayson, please have Doctor Doyanne come here as soon as possible."

=/\= She's on her way. =/\=


Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer