"From Friends to Fighting"
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Stardate: 30152.1545

He did his best to help her walk down the hallway.  The problem had not been her inability to walk, but rather her lack of attention on putting one foot in front of the other.  Shar'El it seemed had been distracted about something.

"We're almost there."

The Doctor's words had been encouraging and reassuring. So much so that Jayson wondered if they had been been for Shar'El or him.  The trek between rooms 22-049 and 22-031 had not been as easy as the OPS officer had hoped it to be.  At one point he had even considered picking up the disoriented woman in his arms and carrying her to the room, but in the end he thought against it.

When Shar'El suddenly stopped, he nearly fell forward not having expected the woman to come to such an unexpected complete stop.  When he looked into her eyes, Jayson say fear instead of confusion.  With a nod of his head and called over the Doctor for her to have a look at this.  Hopefully she would be able to understand what was happening.

"Everything will be alright, we are just taking you back to your room."

Lille took hold of Shar'El hand and gently coaxed her forward but without success. For one reason or another the woman had decided to stop dead in her tracks no matter what either one of them said or did.

"We only have 30, maybe 40 feet to go.  If you want I can carry you."

Jayson made the offer but hoped that Shar'El would decline.  Not because he feared being unable to carry the woman's 5 feet 5 inches 125 pound frame, but because he felt rather uneasy with doing something like that to the ANUBIS' second in command.

Against his hopes though, the Doctor nodded her agreement.  Is Shar'El had not been ready or in a position to accept he offer, Lillie would do it for her.  Slowly Jayson went to wrap his arms around the motionless woman as best as he could so as to not cause her any discomfort.  True he had begun to accept the idea of being in the company of other women since Leena, but this was not what he had been ready for, not by a long shot.

Back in the bomber's room, confusion had been visible in her eyes.  Along the way back to her room, that confusion had been replaced by fear, and from there suddenly anger came to look back at the OPS officer.

Before Jayson could understand what was happening, Shar'El had knocked him flat on his back with a single move, one that Uxtar would have likely been impressed by.  Speaking of the Hirogen, the OPS officer had almost wished that the hunter had been here to lend a hand, hopefully he would have been quicker to subdue the crazed woman.

"We are here to help," the golden haired Doctor said just before Shar'El sent her flying against one of the sidewalls of the hallway.  She might have appeared small, but the First Officer appeared to possess a strength and skill that none had been aware of before now.

"We have a problem."

Jayson said as he tried to regain his breath.

"Commander Shar'El just threw both of us to the ground and dashed of.  We need to get to her quickly."

Lille added as she swallowed hard, doing her best to ward off the effects of the rather unpleasant shove that she had received from the confused and now fugitive First Officer.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations