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"From Fraud to Friends"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049
Stardate: 30152.1540

The black haired Chief of Security glanced at the redhead Engineer for a split second.  Who was this *Houston* she had spoken to, and what had been their role in this?  For now though that had not been important, so with a sign Ya'Han returned her gaze onto their troubled First Officer.   The woman appeared as if she had been out of place, lost in a place other than where she was, looking at people that she knew yet could not recognize.

"Doctor, will she be alright?" Ya'Han asked in a trembling voice of the blonde haired woman. The concerns the Chief of Security felt had not only been for a fellow shipmate but also for a friend, a person who had been there to offer her help and understanding many times before.

"I am not sure," Lillie said just as the door to the room opened to allow Jayson Stark to burst into the room as if the devil itself had been chasing him.

"Sorry it took so long for me to get here," the Operations Officer said, unaware of the extent of the situation that he had just walked into.  "Is she alright?" Jayson asked as he moved closer to Shar'El.  The woman turned her head to meet the new arrival, but instead of familiarity Jayson saw nothing but confusion reflecting in her eyes.  "Okay, what's the deal here?"

"Looks like our First Officer has gone cuckoo for cocopuffs," Sonja said. As much as her words might have been interpreted as being lighthearted or even inconsiderate to the situation of their First Officer, the tone of the engineer's voice echoed concern and even some fear.  As much as Shar'El had been second in command and as such demanded respect, the woman had found a way to become a friend in one way or another to each and every one of them.

"Maybe it would be best to have her beamed back to the ANUBIS," Ya'Han suggested.  As luxurious as the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been, as a cruise liner it had not been equipped or the right place to deal with anything like this.

"Her vitals are strong, and for all we know this memory lost could be only temporary," Lille said not having been ready to let the woman slip from her care.  As much as the blonde hair Doctor had been more than ready to return to the ANUBIS, this had not been the way she had wanted to see it happen.

"We sure can't have her stay here like this," Sonja said, pointing to Jayson to get closer to the confused woman.  "Stark, you and Doctor Doyanne will take her back to her room, which luckily enough for us is on the same deck, so it should limit the amount of questions and dancing you two will have to do.  If anyone does ask though, just tell them that she had too much to drink. Once there lock the door and keep us informed as to any changes in her condition."

"What about us?" Ya'Han asked of the redheaded engineer, the woman who had been told to stay by the side of the Chief of Security until the end of this assignment.

"You and I still have a room to investigate," Sonja said looking directly back at the black haired woman.  "Hopefully we will be lucky enough to find a clue as to where we can find Shar'El's lost wits and memories.  You'd figure with a head full of alien memories though that there would have been a few to spare for her to use."

"What room are we taking her to?" Lillie asked, not having been aware of the set-up and assignments for the crew's sleeping accommodations.

"Room 22-031," Jayson answered as he took a hold of Shar'El and helped her towards the door, followed by Doctor Doyanne.

Sonja and Ya'Han watched in silence as the other three left the room, not wanting to voice out loud their concerns for their friend.

"I hope she will be alright," the white haired Chief of Security said, wishing that she had possessed the skills and knowledge to help more than she had.

"Don't go all medical white on me," the redhead said dryly back.  "She's in good hands and we have a job to do here. So if you have a color in there that will be helpful in us finding something in here, I suggest you bring it out now."

Not having realized that her hair had changed color, Ya'Han quickly returned it to the customary black of her new life before turning her attention to the room that they needed to search for the sake of their friend Shar'El.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer