"From Firsts to Fraud"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049
Stardate: 30152.1535

On her knees, curled in as close to her own chest as possible, the Ullian remained silent as her mind was tormented and blessed with image after image of memories not her own. The elder man at her side was a soothing presence, but not one she wanted to have for eternity. Remembering those closest to her aboard the ANUBIS gave the acting ExO/ILO a new purpose and strength.

"She's not snapping out of it.... doctor do something?" Ya'Han pleaded, waving her hand in front of the frozen visage of her friend and comrade. Though silent, the usually vocal engineer also had a look of worry on her face.

Taking a deep breath, Lillie squeezed her small frame between that of the raven-haired woman and the mirror she stared blankly into. Recalling their first meeting with tenderness, the Tarellian opened her mind once again to the memory the Commander had first been shown. The wind over the grass, great pain accompanied by unmatched joy and fearful anticipation.

"Please Shar'El... please come back to us..." the blonde woman begged, wrapping her arms around the shoulders of her friend and pressing their foreheads together in hopes of reaching her.

Deep in the darkness, still plagued by the rolling recollections of thousands before her, the Ullian sat in a daze staring up at the old man. Her elder gently placed a hand on her head and spoke again, making clear her mind.

"Time spent reflecting on the past is time lost in the present"

A surge of electric sensations assaulted all of the Commander's five senses. The sweet smell of fresh dew trickling off grass blades. The sounds of encouraging and familiar voices hummed in her ears. The salted coppery taste of blood mingling with sweat. The extreme pain assaulting her lower body. Finally the sight, a loving mother looking down at her clothed in a hazmat suit meant to keep in a sickness instead of keeping any out. Although the scene had been familiar, the black haired woman knew that was she was experiencing was not her own memory but that of one of her closest friends.

"Please Shar'El..." the Ullian heard, a voice stricken with worry and fear reaching to her within the depths of her sub-conscious.

A sense of urgency dawned on her. She was missed. She was needed. Fighting back the swirls of memories that threatened to keep her contained, Shar'El rose up from the ground and staggered in the unseen direction in which the voice had come from. Wave upon wave of reminiscence broke over her, like water throwing itself at an immovable mountain.

"Even the hardest of stones wears thin over time" the old sage's voice echoed, now causing more memories to assault her instead of clearing them away.

"Please..." the far away voice begged, urging her onward.

A dim light began to shine, piercing through the darkness. A ray of hope. Shar'El forced her heavy legs to take steps towards it, as she neared the light became brighter, warmer. The acting ExO/ILO reached for the light, as if hoping to find a hand reaching back for her.

"Come back to us..." the sweet voice coaxed, seeming closer than before.

Close enough to feel the light's hot embrace, the Ullian woman rejoiced and pushed forward with all she had left. The brightness stung her eyes, yet felt familiar. When she opened her eyes again, the scene she saw was a familiar face looking back at her with worry. Tears came to the officer's eyes as she opened her mouth to speak.

As she did so, fear gripped her. Though it was indeed her voice that came out, it was not her words. Silence met her as the memories faded into the distance, and yet she was not the one in control. Another had taken her place.

"Who are you?" the raven-haired woman questioned her previously frozen features twisted into a look of confusion.

Taken aback, the doctor closed off her mind and simply stared at her friend, had it been that long since they had last spoken? She seemed to have recalled her before?

Sonja gasped behind her and commented glumly into the subdermal communicator for all still connected to hear "Houston we have a problem..."

Ya'Han, one hand held over her mouth in shock, had little time to wonder who this Houston was.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher