"From Forever to Freaky"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143 (Jayson)
Stardate: 30152.1530

After the hot shower and vigorous scrubbing Jayson had gone into the living area of your room. Wrapped in the last dry towel, he had sat in one of the comfy chairs to relax, trying his best to forget what had happened.

Dealing with the idea of a bomber had been stressful enough, but for him to run with the actual bomb in his hands had really brought the OPS officer to the edge.  Carrying the dead body of the bomber a few minutes after that had not helped in any way, especially when it had started to disintegrate into a pool of muck on his shoulder.

For some this would have been a nothing deal, a run of the mill event, something that they would have been able to handle without thinking twice. For Jayson thought it had proven to be something a lot more difficult to handle, something that he had needed to stop and deal with before it made him be unable to do anything else.

In the stillness of his room, Jayson closed his eyes and remembered the words of wisdom of Counselor Dalziel. Focusing on the good of the day and being thankful for them instead of only thinking of the negative that.  Granted this had been meant to have Jayson stop dwelling on the passing and absence of his wife, but for the time being it would have to do to have him stop thinking about what had just happened.

Yes the events might have been traumatic on some level, but he had lived through them without a scratch.  The bomb had been beamed out of his hands before it could explode and the ooze from he melting bomber had never actually touched him.  All was fine, so there had been no need to freak out.

He eventually managed to calm himself enough to fall asleep on the chair, a welcomed alternative to going straight out of his mind which should have made things a lot easier for him.  Should being the key word.  Instead of relaxing though, he found himself drawn into a world of dreams shaped by the events he had wanted to distance himself from as much as possible..

In this dream Jayson found himself back in the lower decks of the MASQUERADE DREAMS, the bomb still in his hands while his feet were stuck in a vile looking ooze.  As hard as he tried to escape, there had been no way for him to break free of the ooze that had actually started to crawl up his legs.  The sensation of the liquid flowing up his bare legs sent him into an absolute frenzy.In a panic without equal, he looked around to see Uxtar and Shar'El grinning at him as if the nightmarish scene had been nothing more than an amusing show.

"Help me!"

He pleaded almost on the verge of tears, fear having taking hold of his ability to reason in any way.


Jayson heard himself ask in response to the silence to his words, wondering as to why the First Officer and Hirogen seemed pleased by the situation that he had found himself in.  Stranger still had been the fact that his voice had oddly sounded like that of the ANUBIS' Chief Engineer.


The title was repeated a few seconds later, and Jayson was completely surprised to hear the voice of the Chief of Security instead of his own.  Why had his voice changed like this?  The question, as worthy as any other, fell unanswered as the sensation of the ooze crawling up his leg refocused his mind into an earth shattering panic.

That was when Jayson woke up in a startle, sitting on the chair of his living area wearing nothing but a bath towel.  No bomb had been in his hands, and there had been no sign of any ooze or other liquid anywhere near his legs.

"Sorry, this may come as a strange question but I was asleep. Is everything alright?  Thought I heard something while I dreamt."

Jayson asked, not sure if what he had heard had originated from his dream or if his dream had been reflecting what he had heard through his subdermal communicator.

=/\= It's Commander Shar'El. She's not moving, as if she had somehow become frozen in time. =/\=

Concern could easily be heard in Ya'Han's voice.

=/\= She is unresponsive to us. Her eyes are opened but they are just staring at her own reflection in the mirror.  Doctor Doyanne is trying to figure what happened now. =/\=

Sonja had come across as more calm but still he could hear her troubled by he situation.

"We're on the same deck, I will be there right away, that is as soon as I get dressed."

Jayson's offer had been meant more as a way to keep him busy than to offer help.  After all he was the Chief of Operations, what could he possibly know about dealing with a First officer who had just stopped moving?


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations