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Stardate: 30152.1500

The numbers on the room read 049, which meant that they had reached their destination, or at least the door to it.

"Alright ladies, no time like the present," Sonja announced.  "We are here," the redhead added making sure that Shar'El and the rest of the undercover crew of the ANUBIS knew where the three female musketeers had been.

=/\= Looks like I found my way to the wrong side of the ship, =/\= Shar'El stated with an annoyed sigh.  =/\= I will be there as soon as i can, there are just too many people around right now for me to get a site-to-site transport. =/\=

"Guess this party starts without you," Sonja stated as she began to tinker with the panel next to the door in an attempt to gain access to the room.

Ya'Han and Lillie each tried to force the doors opened but to no avail.

"Makes sense that they would have these doors be temper proof," the Chief of Security offered.  "Would not make sense to have the passenger's personal belongings easily accessible to other passengers."

"Wish I had my tools," the Chief Engineer said with a grimace.  "Weird, she won't talk to me, guess it's due to my lack of tools.  That little stubborn minx does not realise that I mean business."

"Who is she talking about?" Ya'Han inquired in a whispered voice to the physician standing right next to her.

"I believe Sonja is referring to the ship," Lillie explained with a giggled sigh.  "Don't ask, just go with it, it's safer for all of us that way."

"People seem to say 'just go with it' a lot when speaking about Sonja," the Chief of Security remarked with amused puzzlement.

Sonja had managed to pry the panel partially open, allowing her to force a hair pin inside in the hopes of triggering the doors to open when Ya'Han elbowed her partner in crime.

"Excuse me," a firm male voice stated from down the hall, "can i help you ladies?"

Lillie gasped as she tried to figure a way to deal with the situation.  Ya'Han on her end had prepared herself for a fight, a reaction worthy of the Chief of Security.  Sonja had her back to the man and asked the physician for details as to the appearance and age of their unexpected interruption.

"Young, Human-like, male, likely in his mid twenties and by the looks of the uniform possibly maintenance?" Doctor Doyanne answered in a faint whispered voice.

"Good I can work with that," Sonja announced as she flicked the red hair over her shoulder and adjusted the top of her dress.  "I would not have been able to do this to someone from Security," the engineer added as she undid two buttons from her collar.  "Girls, need you to look as enticing and alluring as you can. Just follow my lead and leave the talking to me."

"Having a problem with the door?" the member of the MASQUERADE DREAM's staff asked as he drew closer to the trio.

Sonja straightened and turned to walk towards the man.  In only a few steps the woman had swayed her hips and exposed as much of her cleavage as she could offering as truly sultry view to the approaching male.  In a charming, annoyed and slightly overly 'blonde' voice that only a woman could manage, the redhead spoke. "Sir, I would really need your help.  I lost my key and it's my boyfriend's birthday and I need to get in to set up the big surprise for his gift.  Any help would be greatly appreciated," the troubled woman offered as she ever so gently ran her hand over his shoulder and added a faint quiver of her lower lip.

The man swallowed hard, his eyes locked several degrees lower than the woman's own eyes.  "I am not sure that I can..."

Sonja continued, interrupting the man's laboured and distracted words.  "Please Sir, if you could just let us in so that I can make this an oh so special birthday with his gift."

"Sorry," the man struggled to say as he forced his eyes away from the woman's ample and exposed upper chest.  "I do not see any gift," he managed to add having kept just enough wits about him to make this observation.

"Well," Sonja began as she lowered her head and played with her red locks. "The gifts are my two friends over there.  Since he already has a Redhead, I thought he would be pleased with having a Blonde and a Brunette to complete the set," the undercover engineer explained, glancing at her two friends in a way that suggested far more than mere words could say.

Having well gotten the idea as well as their cue, Lille and Ya'Han did their best to play the role in which they had been cast into.  The blonde haired physician pouted her lips while the dark haired Chief of Security placed her hands on her hips to enhance the scene. 

"Oh... I... ummm... completely understand," the male stammered.

"Ooh I knew you would," the CEO stated in a girly voice. "Now you see how important it is for me to set this up before he gets back, don't you?" the redhead leaned into him further.  "Pleeeeaaassse," she added with a pout.

"I'll open the door but you can't let anyone know that I have done this for you," he stated, overwhelmed with the thoughts of what this meant for this lucky 'boyfriend'.

"We can keep a secret," Sonja said in a sing-song manner, "can't we girls?" the redhead added as she brought a single finger to rest against her pouted lips in a manner indicating secrecy.

Lille and Ya'Han both smiled and responded by mimicking the gesture causing the man to once again swallow hard as he shifted his stance before opening the door.

"Thank you so much Sir," the Brunette and Blonde offered as they walked into the room to be soon followed by the Redhead who leaned in and placed a simple kiss on the man's cheek.  "Maybe you will get a lucky birthday too," she added with a wink.

From down the hall, Fenix observed the latter part of this little show, having seen the three women be given access to the room where his compatriot had been staying.  judging by the man's shifting walk, it had been easy to understand how the woman had gained access to the room, but this left the question of who where they and what had they been after?

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049
Stardate: 30152.1505

As the door closed behind the three woman, Sonja looked to her friends and grinned.  "See, told you that boobs could come in handy."

Doctor Doyanne shook her head in disbelief.  "I sure did miss you guys," she admitted with delight.  "Things are never boring when you are around Sonja."

"I am starting to fully realise this," Ya'Han stated as she meet the engineer's gaze.  "You are a rather unpredictable individual, but your plans do seem to have a habit of working.  I will admit that I like this one more than the last one," the Chief of Security admitted causing Doctor Doyanne to look at the two women quizzically.

"She ended up getting licked," Sonja explained rather quickly.  "By me.  I will explain more later, right now we have work to do in here."

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Deck 22 Hallway
Stardate: 30152.1505

Fenix needed answers but now had not been the time. Although they had been only women, their numbers and unknown background had made them to be too dangerous to approach at this time.  He would have to bide his time before being able to get to the bottom of this.  For the time being he would commit their faces to memory, there would be ample opportunities to delve into this development.

Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-049
Stardate: 30152.1515

Lillie, Ya'Han and Sonja froze in their search when the door hissed opened of its own power.  A general sense of relief was felt by all three women when a familiar face stepped in.

"You girls just couldn't wait could you?" Shar'El pointed out as she saw the Chief of Security and Physician point an accusing finger in the direction of the redhead Engineer.

"HEY!" Sonja exclaimed with a smile.  "It worked didn't it?  Anyway, what took you so long?  Did you stop by the promenade for some last minute shopping?"

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