"From Facts to Fiction"
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Stardate: 30152.1500

During her walk from the lower deck the acting ExO / ILO found herself lost in her own thoughts. 

Past and future came together in a swirling mixture of what she expected to find once she would join Sonja, Ya'Han and Lille; and what she had experienced through the memories of the Hirogen hunter Uxtar.  Questions without answers echoed through Shar'El's mind leaving her to walk near blind to what had been happening around her.

Looking back into the past, the acting ExO / ILO reviewed what she had seen about Uxtar, his time on the ANUBIS and his undercover mission to the Delta Quadrant.  The Hirogen had been skilled, there had been no denying this fact, but somehow Shar'El could not shake the feeling that the towering alien felt as if he had failed.

One day maybe she would ask Uxtar about the details of his two years in the Delta Quadrant, a part of the galaxy that had been more a home to him than this part of the cosmos could have ever been.  Still as she touched his memories, the acting ExO / ILO had felt a sense of belonging and comfort when the Hirogen recalled his time on the ANUBIS.

Looking ahead into the near future, Shar'El wondered with amusement as to what she would find. The redhead Engineer had proven herself more than once to being a skilled free spirit, one who could step out of her Starfleet upbringing with ease when the situation demanded it.  Ya'Han had grown to finding her place as a free-willed woman, distancing herself a little more each day from the shackles of her title and responsibilities as a daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV which she had abandoned nearly a decade ago.  Then there was Lillie, a skilled physician as well as mysterious woman who seemed to wear her secrets as most would do normal clothing.

Putting the three women together had insured an endless set of probabilities as to what the acting ExO / ILO would come to deal with once she joined them.  At the very last Shar'El knew that her time with them would prove to be anything but boring.

With Uxtar and Lille on the MASQUERADE DREAMS, Shar'El could only wonder as to what Admiral Koniki had planned and if anyone from the crew of the ANUBIS would ever become aware of the secretive man's actual reasons for doing what he did.

Sometimes in this line of work, it had been safer to simply go on about your business instead of dwelling too much on the reasons why things had been said, done or required.


Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Observation Deck

Stardate: 30152.1500

The charming Rutian man known as Fenix wandered without purpose, confused and saddened by the calm and joyfulness he saw on the features of those around him.  For an unknown reason the plan to see a bomb go off in the lower decks of the Risian Cruise Ship had failed.  The chaos and fear would have served to draw attention to his world and the hardships his people suffered each and every day.

As much of a setback as this had been though, Fenix had never been one to be so easily defeated.  There had been others on the ship who had rallied to his cause and stood ready to help at a moment's notice.  All the Rutian man needed to do was to figure out who amongst them would be called upon to cast fear through the passengers, and how this seemingly simply task would be accomplished.

Security on the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been described as minimal, so Fenix had never expected there to be any problem with their initial plan.  Now the Rutian needed to re-evaluate this earlier evaluation in order to insure that the odds of success in his next plan would be well in their favor.

Sabotage of the ship's propulsion would not prove to be as effective as a bomb to create fear in the passengers.  On the other hand disabling the life support system would certainly cause more than enough chaos, but the plan had been to educate those on board through fear, not to injure them.  If the cause he believed so much in was to benefit from his actions, they needed to be carefully planned so as to insure that only memories and knowledge would last.  To injure or even kill anyone would only serve to rally support against what he believed, and this Fenix could not allow.

"Can I help?" a soft voice asked from behind him, the woman having made sure not to make eye contact with him, that way if something went wrong, he could have denied ever knowing who this woman had been.  The fact though had been that he knew her, not very well, but enough to know that she had been trustworthy.

Fenix had encountered her on another cruise ship and the two of them had talked for what had seemed like days.  Actually, he had done most of the talking while she listened, visibly unwilling to speak about herself more than absolutely necessary.  From her gestures and speech patterns he knew that she had been from a highly educated background, one that had greatly limited her vision of the universe.

When he began to mention the hardships of the people of RUTIA IV, Fenix saw in her an interest that he fed until she offered her help to them without asking for anything in return.  She had told him a name when he asked for one, but he knew right away that it had not been hers.  It had been easy for him to see that she had been running away from something or someone, so he never asked for her name again.  Like him, she had wanted to remain as an unknown face in the crowd, so he referred to her only as 'Shae', a word that in his native tongue referred to a beautiful woman cast from the stars to live life as a mere mortal.

Fenix abandoned caution for a moment as he turned to face her so that he could run his fingers through her midnight black hair, a common color that strangely did not seem to suit her.  With what he knew of the woman he called Shae, he would have expected her to have hair as red as fire, as blue as the ocean, as green as the tree tops or any other radiant color suiting her secrets.  "I will need your help soon," he whispered before walking away.  He needed to come up with a plan, one that would create the fear he needed without hurting anyone. A plan that would make full use of what this ship had to offer and the abilities of those ready to give their lives for the cause, like the woman he knew as Shae.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer