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When a woman smiles during a problem, she's thought of someone to blame it on.


Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1445


Desperately craning her neck to view over the heads of guests had given Lillie a crick in her neck, and still there was no sign of anyone recognizable. Maybe they were all in their rooms? Or in another part of the ship doing undercover work? All the young woman could discover was that no one was here on the Promenade deck with her. Disheartened and frankly quite sore the doctor started back towards the corridor that lead to the sleeping accommodations, a rest would do her some good before setting out to search again.

Closing her eyes a brief moment as she rubbed her neckline, the blonde woman yet again managed to bump right over someone who hadn't been in front of her moments before. Scrambling to remove the hair from her face and apologize to her unknown target, Lillie heard a familiar voice gasp in astonishment.

"Lillie!? Lillie Doyanne is that you!?" the woman exclaimed, her one hand clasped over her mouth.

"Sonja?" the Tarellian inquired, remembering the brilliant female engineer on board the ANUBIS.

Before the vacationing officer could get out more than another breath she was engulfed in arms and red hair and tight arms. Barely able to move Lillie smiled softly, though refrained from returning the gesture. Physical affection had never been her strong suit outside her race, but it complemented her companion just fine.

"Where have you been? You left without saying much to anyone, I assumed you were still on the NEW ALEXANDRIA" Sonja laughed, still beaming from her friendly encounter.

Ya'Han cleared her throat subtly, attempting to remind the seemingly love struck CEO of their purpose. The woman turned to her Nylaan counterpart and nodded.

"Ya'Han meet Lillie, our previous CMO before Seska joined us. Lillie this is Ya'Han, the ANUBIS's current Chief of Security" the lieutenant waved to them back and forth.

"A pleasure I'm sure" Lillie nodded towards the woman "Glad to see some friendly faces, you wouldn't believe how rude some people on this cruise liner can be... like that Ferengi I bumped into earlier..."

The Sec/Tac officer's eyes widened slightly as she let out a sigh "Well at least it's not only us he's bothering..."

"Huh?" the blonde muttered, confused.

"It's a long story" Sonja assured in a light tone, smirking at Ya'Han deviously "Either way, we need your help"

The Tarellian tensed, having been released but suddenly feeling as if tight vices were again around her "What's wrong? Is someone hurt?"

=^= You could say that... =^= Shar'El commented to their engineer, a chuckle trickling over the subdermal communication network after having recalled Ensign Stark's earlier desperate flee.

The redhead shook her head "No one's hurt... well besides a liquefied terrorist, but that's being handled. I need you to help us break into his room and look for any reason why he'd be on board to begin with"

"Liquefied? Terrorist? What... how... huh?" the Tarellian stammered, confused by this sudden overload of information. Suddenly she was reminded of yet another crew member she missed dearly, the always informed Maya.

=^= I see a slight problem in your plan Lieutenant. How are you going to get into the room without the keys Shar'El is carrying? =^= Captain Morningstar observed, his voice sounding strained.

"That's right... I guess we would need the keys..." the Ya'Han muttered, thinking of ways to acquire them quickly.

"Now how do you plan to get in with no key?" Lillie stared in disbelief, still reeling from the information she was attempting tp process.

Sonja shrugged "Not sure yet, but I'll think of something. Hey the last plan I came up with worked"  the CEO said with a  smile.
Ya' Hans eyes opened wide at the thought the engineer having yet another unplanned plan.

“Don't look at me like that”  Then redhead said placing a hand on her hip "It did work after all"

“Ok any ideas?” The blond woman laughed, seeing the slightest hint of a blush touch the Nylaan woman's features.

A grin spread on the engineers face "Well we are three smart women and if that fails, we have boobs" the CEO said with laughter "the latter is often the key, and can mollify a savage beast."

=^= Or, and I'm just throwing this out there, I could beam to your location and we can all go? =^= Shar'El chimed in, somewhat hoping to see her old friend again as well.

"Even better!" the CEO exclaimed "Then it'll be four beautiful, talented and intelligent women against this liner and all it's secrets, we can't fail" the Sec/Tac officer at her side chuckled.

Lillie grinned, warm spreading through her chest at seeing the lighthearted aura surrounding her friend and soon to be traveling companion. Though not entirely sure of the exchange that had taken place, the Tarellian felt at ease again. It was as if she never left.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer/Researcher
USS ALEXANDRIA ( for now ;) )