"Fast Feet and Fingers"
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Lower Deck 27, Section 15
Stardate: 30152.1401

His heart was still racing, and his finger still tingled from the beaming of the device from his hands.  There had been so little time that Jayson did not have any chance to put the bomb down. His subdermal communicator had served as the tracked for the ANUBIS to find the bomb, and it was the Avatar that did the rest.  having been too deep in the core of the ship, Jayson had to quickly move towards to outer edge.  Luckily for everyone, his feet had been quick in taking him and the bomb to a place where the transporter could reach them.

It had taken some very quick fingers to narrow the transporter beam to take the bomb from his hands and nothing else. When the transport sequence had been completed, Jayson swallowed hard and smiled. He would have to thank ANI for her speed and accuracy when they returned to the ANUBIS.  He had grown rather used to having ten fingers and was happy to still have every one of them.

Whatever joy and pride he might have felt in what he had done, Jayson could not find it within him to rejoyce.  The lifeless body of the bomber had cast a dark shadow over their success and accomplishment.  The man, whoever he might have been, had been on a suicide mission, one that he knew he would not be returning from regardless if it was successful or not.

Uxtar had let the limp body of the bomber slip from his hold with a low angered growl. Jayson did not know if this had been because his prey had died in a way other than by the hands of the Hirogen or because this would make their getting details as to the reasons for the bombing that much more difficult.  Whatever the reason for the growl had been, the OPS officer had no intentions of asking the displeased hunter.

"We need to beam the body back to the ANUBIS for examination."

Commander Shar'El figured that maybe through a medical examination and autopsy some of their questions might be answered.  Unfortunately this also meant that the body of the dead bomber would have to be moved.

Another growl came from the Hirogen as he grabbed the lifeless body and swung it over his shoulder.

He just watched as Uxtar made his way over and through the various pipes that Jayson had just hurdled past less than a minute before.  It would take another set of quick fingers to make sure that no one on the staff of the MASQUERADE DREAMS would come looking for the missing passenger.

"Someone is coming this way."

Uxtar had heard something that no one else had, and he had reacted faster than anyone could have asked.  Before Jayson could even figure out what had happened, the body of the dead bomber had been tossed over his shoulder letting the Hirogen deal with whoever had been in this section with them.

With a gesture of her hand, Commander Shar'El showed the way that she wanted Jayson to take, a path that took them in the opposite direction to which the Hirogen hunter had taken.  Hopefully once the body would be transferred to the ANUBIS and some tests were run, they would be able to figure out why someone would have wanted to cause an explosion that had not been designed to actually destroy the cruise ship or even hurt those onboard.

From a simple intel gathering mission sold to them as a vacation, the crew had not been faced with a full blown mystery involving an unknown number of terrorists working for a yet to be determined cause.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations