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"From Ferengi to Fear"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1350

Sonja was the Chief Engineer of the ANUBIS, a woman who appeared relaxed yet confident and in control no matter the situation.  So it was odd for Ya'Han to look at the redhead standing next to her feeling envious of the person that she was.

Ya'Han's fingers gently touched the area of her face where the redhead had earlier 'claimed' her for the benefit of the annoying Ferengi.  The warmth could still be felt although the Chief of Security had not been sure as to whether it had been from in internal or external origin. The gesture had been entirely unexpected but had been required in order to achieve the intended goal. The expression on the Ferengi's face had been well worth the momentary discomfort. Thinking back to what had happened though, the black haired woman could not imagine herself having agreed to this had she been made aware of the plan beforehand.

It seemed that Ya'han lacked the courage and boldness to act the way Sonja had, despite the needs of the situation.  The dawning of this realization made the black haired woman think of her situation.  Decisions made in the past that had been brought on by what she considered to have been necessities filled her mind.  Those decisions had led to her being who she now was, a member of a secret Starfleet team working in the shadows of the everyday life of countless.  All of this left the woman wonder as to what had been in store for her future.  

Red was the color of those involved with the military forces, those responsible for the general security on her world, a position that Sonja would have done very well in.  The black haired woman had to admit that back on NYLA IV, the Chief Engineer would have likely been better in such a role than herself.  As the one of the daughters of the High Sovereign, Ya'Han had received training in every field, including combat so that she could earn the right to display the red in her hair.  As the same daughter though, she would never have been expected or required to take part in any activities and task demanded of those in that particular field.

Through the hardships that she had endured during her escape from her home world, the need to be better equipped to defend herself had been indispensable.  Strangely though, while faced with the fact that a bomb had been only minutes from detonation, it was Ya'Han that found herself taken with fear.

The two women listened in on the conversations and reports between Ensign Stark and Commander Shar'El.  As much as she might have not wanted to admit it, Ya'Han had been both happy and disappointed in not having been part of the hunt for the bomber.  As the daughter of the High Sovereign her place had been to be as far away from any sort of danger, but as a Starfleet officer, one responsible for an entire security department, her job demanded that she had been in the center of the matter. 

"Whoever that Uxtar is, he sounds like he knows what he's doing," the redhead engineer said, offering a smile to the woman standing next to her.

Ya'Han's eyes met those of Sonja, a deep felt sadness reflecting in them making it clear beyond doubt of what the Chief of Security had been thinking.

"Not that good," Sonja said without actually speaking with a small wink, each word having been mouthed slowly so that Ya'Han would understand both the meaning and strength of the words. She felt the redhead take her hand and give her a reassuring squeeze.

Confusion settled in Ya'Han's mind as the silent conflict between her past and present raged on.  Two people from very different walks of lives had been trying to reside in the same physical form.  She had run away from being the daughter of the High Sovereign because that had not been the life she had wanted for herself, but the fear she felt at the idea of a bomb being only minutes away from exploding had been unworthy of someone in her position.

Ya'Han found herself scared of so many things all at the same time. Had she made a mistake in running away from her home? Had she made an error in joining Starfleet? Had she been wrong in thinking that Security had been where she now belonged?

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer